Posted by: incywincy | May 21, 2006

A Leisurely Afternoon at the Mall

Just spent a leisurely afternoon out with Dear, doing nothing. We had a late lunch at Crystal Jade La Mian at Jurong Point. We tried the tie ban xiao long bao but I don't think it's as good as the original one! After that, we went to the computer shop to walk around abit (he wanted to buy some cable – USB to IDE) and then I went off to meet Melly for ice cream.

And obviously we went to Swensen's, haha. We shared a Sticky Chewy Chocolate and a bowl of fried calamari. I love calamari.

Dear is feeling very excited cos his new cable is working. -.-"

Rachel spotted my boyfriend as he walked into Swensen's, and she came over to say Hi! She recognized him from my blog. How amazing is that. Haha. Melly and I just talked about some random stuff. It was good to see her again, though I wasn't in much of a talking mood. Maybe we can meet up to talk more sometime soon kay, babe? Dinner someday, if you can wait for me after work. Hehe.

After Swensen's, Dear and I just walked around, then I remembered that John Little was having a sale. I went over to check out some of the stuff that I needed but had not bought because I didn't really want to spend money. I'm kinda broke. : (

In the end, I bought a Silky Girl foundation powder, a tube of Silky girl vintage rose lip gloss, and two formal shirts. And I spent a grand total of… *drumroll* … $46.90! Woo hoo!

Budget shopping rocks. The shirts only cost $15 each, and there was a 10% discount on the Silky Girl cosmetic products. I felt kinda bad for spending so much money since Dear and I are trying to save, but both my foundation powder and lipgloss are really finishing. I didn't want to buy beforehand because I didn't want to spend money on such stuff, but with the Sale, and this new line of Silky Girl products, it's not as much as the usual Maybelline ones that I normally use. So, yeah. I know I'm just consoling myself. Haha. And $15 for a shirt is really cheap, don't you agree? The colours are nice too, not the usual grey and whites that I have. I love striped shirts. These 2 are bluish and greenish sorta colours – which I don't have yet. So yays.

Okay, enough about my buys. Haha!

It's time for Singapore Idol 2!


  1. booyah. hey! i wasn’t in the talking mood either but we did fine. calamari. ugh. do you have a deep fryer? then we can get the frozen ones and have a field day. please come for the concert with me…

  2. i dont have a deep fryer.. n i will let u noe agn abt the concert ok babe? 🙂 i’ll try to go.

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