Posted by: incywincy | May 20, 2006

What fairness is there in this system?

I just woke up from a long nap and decided to check my email to see if news of the Hall application's General Cut-Off Point has been released. After reading the email from the two Honorary General Secretaries of the Union, my heart nearly stopped. The GCPs for male and female this year are 87.1 and 66 respectively.

How is it possible that it has risen to such unimaginable figures?

Of course, it does not concern me, as I have left NIE and will not be applying for a room in Hall next semester. If I enter NBS, I will be deemed a freshman again and guaranteed a room anyway.

What I am worried about is that those members in my committee, who have indeed worked very very hard, will not be able to meet those ridiculous cut-off points. I have no idea how the GCP is calculated, but to me, it all seems very unfair!

Some students work so hard for their ECAs, have perfect attendance for meetings, never rejecting responsibility when it is given to them, and really just give their best in doing what they do. But still, they do not meet the cut-off point!

One sub-committee will garner you 20 points, the second one 16 points, the third will get you 12 points. Let's say you join 3 subcomms. That means you will get 48 points. Let's say your subcomm head gives you 6 merit points (full), that means you have 54 points. Darn! Still short!

On the other hand, if you join the Union, the JCRC or a school Management Committee, you get somewhere between 80-90 points, flat out. Add on the Merit points of about 17 points, on average. That would give you 97 or 117 points. If you join some Hall sports or recreational games, maybe you get another 14 points. Wow! Single room, instantly!

Seriously, I think, WTF?

To be on the Recommendation List for Hall application (yes, there is such an unfair thing), you have to first meet the GCP. Now tell me. How many per cent of students in NTU will actually be able to meet the GCP? Think about it. Main committee members of major clubs, and a handful who join just about any activity that crosses their path, in a desperate bid to secure a room. Of about 5000 people who apply for Hall, possibly 1500? That is not good enough! Are we, those in so-called 'powerful positions', trying to secure a place for ourselves, or for our members who are equally deserving?

If it's the latter, then why the f*** is the GCP so high?

I really feel sorry for those who are just shy of the GCP by a few measly points. I feel angry for them, and also for those who have done so much, but will be unable to secure a room until sometime in late August or early September, after maybe, 7 or 8 rounds.

Thank God the points system is going to be abolished. At the same time, I feel that there will be alot of problems with the new system as well, and some will stand to lose, as hall applicants.

What fairness is there in this system, I ask you?

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