Posted by: incywincy | May 17, 2006

Pet student

Remember the days in primary school, when teachers were adored, and every chance you got to do something for the teacher made you feel important? Any small task at all, like carrying her books as she walked to the staff room, cleaning the blackboard, or fetching her water bottle from the staff room.

You'd puff out your chest, and stride around feeling as if you'd just been bestowed the greatest honour by the mightiest king.

That was how I felt, to a lesser degree though, when the CEO asked me to clean the whiteboard in his office just now. I like doing stuff like that for him, because he is a nice man who is kind and friendly to his employees.

So I happily walked into his office, armed with a wet cloth and some tissue paper, after he'd gone out for lunch.

Then I realised that someone's been giving him permanent markers. 😦 I must make a mental note to order some nice whiteboard markers for him at the next stationery order. I cleaned the board till my arm ached. Boo.

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