Posted by: incywincy | May 17, 2006

Low Immunity Strikes

It feels horrible to be sick, and be in an air-conditioned environment the entire day. It started on Monday morning. I was feeling queasy in the tummy, nauseous, and dizzy. I also started having shivers. However, as JT was on MC, I couldn't leave the office earlier, though I wanted to!

After enduring 9 whole hours at work, I went down to Holland Village, and met up with Stacey for dinner at Hog's Breath. I wanted to cancel, as I was feeling really awful, but I really have not met up with Stace for such a long time! I can't even remember when it was; that's how long! So I dragged myself down there, and as always, when spending time with good friends, I never regret it. We talked and talked and talked over an appetizer of nachos (it's gigantic, with 3 different types of sauce and melted cheese) and our dinner of a chicken wrap (mine) and some gargantuan sandwich (hers). Haha. It was very filling. I actually felt kinda full just after the appetizer itself.

I think Dear would love the place, though. It has a nice casual and relaxing ambience, the servers are friendly, and the food is not too bad.

Anyway, I've just been thinking how it is with some friends who you don't meet for ages, and when you meet again, it's as if you were never apart at all. You can just resume from where you left off, and yak on and on. Hehe. I'm glad I have friends like that. 🙂

Anyway, on Tuesday, I called in sick, and stayed home with Dear, helping him to move abit of stuff to his new room. He complained to Hall Office, and they allocated him a new room for the holidays, until the hall rooms allocation results are out. And best of all, he got a single room! Albeit a little small and squeezy, we're happy with the privacy and the absence of his smelly horrible weird roommate. Haha.

It felt good to just stay in. I wish I didn't have to work, but I do. 😦

So I'm back at work today, despite feeling still ill. I'm shivering, though everyone says that it is quite warm today. I hardly ate at lunch, and my appetite is just really lousy. I didn't eat much for dinner last night either. I wish I could just stay home all day, sleep, and get well soon.


  1. i love youuuuu !!!!!! :] you should have told me how sick you were feeling though. :[ i had so much fun with youuu . :]

  2. i love u too! hehe. its alright, i was feeling sick but seeing you was still worth it. hehe 🙂 i had loadsa fun too… n we forgot to take photos.. haha.

  3. need photog? hiak hiak…

  4. i love wherever got nice food and u.
    i love wherever got lots of food and u.
    no no,
    i love wherever got u. ^^

  5. i love you too baby! muakks! haha. ure so sweet.. 🙂

    and yes, i need a photog, but not for stacey n me haha. 26 may – titan karaoke championships. can help me out? hehe..

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