Posted by: incywincy | May 13, 2006

Mommy’s Birthday Celebration

It's been a long time since I last blogged cos I've been occupied with work, family, and the boyfriend (yada yada, same old story).

Last Thursday evening; after our exam, school, and work; the boyfriend, the baby sister and I made our way back to JB to celebrate our Mommy's birthday!

Before we went home, Dear went to get her a cake, and I got her a bunch of pretty flowers. Here are some pics!

Mummy and I, with the flowers and the cake!

Serene and I with the Birthday Girl

Dear and I with Mommy

Make a wish!

The beautiful carnations.

Serene the greedy monster.

I love my family and my boyfriend. 🙂 (And the expression that's gonna be on Serene's face when she sees the last picture) *smiles sweetly*


  1. HAHAHAHA. Serene looks like she got 2 red and gigantic nipples!

  2. hahahaha. dint notice that. thanks for pointing it out haahahaha.

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