Posted by: incywincy | May 13, 2006

JJ Lin Promo Tour

On 12 May 2005 (Friday), JJ held a promo tour (meet-and-greet concert) in JB, Malaysia. The event was at the open carpark at the Duty Free Zone. Thanks to my sis Doreen and her boss Anderson, from UCSI Communications, my chum Debra and I got to sit at the VIP area, and got VIP privileges too!

Here are some pics from the event, which I shot using Debra's Sony Cybershot DSC-F88 digital camera:

Before the event, we were hanging out at her place. This is her doggie Ray, who has such a pretty face, don't you think? Look at the huge JJ poster behind the door as well. Debra is the biggest JJ-nut that I know!

While she was getting dressed, I found this on her dressing table!

It's the Hogwarts sorting hat! Haha! I look like a witch! Yay!

After getting dressed, she drove us down to DFZ, where we got his album and met up with Anderson, who showed us to the VIP seating area. Here we are, waiting to enter the VIP area. Got abit bored, so we started snapping pics!

This is the VIP queue. The guy in the blue shirt was at the front, and we were just behind the last guy, in the white tee shirt. Haha!

Look at the crowd – the sad people without VIP passes! Tee Hee!

And me with JJ! Wahahaha.

Soon after, we entered the seating area, and got seats in the 2nd row, right at the centre!

This is the stage. Obviously. The showcase was presented by Celcom.

A pic of the throngs of people behind us. Tee hee!

Abit blur. Oops.

The show started really late. So we started camwhoring again.

I love this pic!

Nicholas from FM 98.8 in Malaysia, the host of the event.

He's trying to pose like JJ in the backdrop. Haha!

And from here on, is where I show off my (non-existent) photography skills. Ha!

This is my best photo of him, upclose.

Yeah, right. This is a picture of the backdrop. Haha. But nice shot, eh?

After one song, Nicholas came out to plug JJ's new album, 曹操.

Singing one more song

Then Nicholas came out again, and they played some games with the audience.

The participants of the game with JJ

Last song

At the end of the Showcase, the VIP guests got to get JJ's signature first! Afterwards, we headed to Taman Sentosa to eat dinner, and Deb drove me home. Yay! Thanks babe. 🙂 It was a memorable evening, with wonderful company. 🙂


  1. Ala… boring-nya review kau!

  2. alaa. he sing song… nice lar. tho not very shuai. er.. n im not that big a fan… go to debra’s blog ( to see a big fan’s review la.. my purpose of this entry is to post pix? hahah..

    songs not enough. only 3, whereas in singapore promo tour he sang 4 (incl one fast number which is v popular). also, in sg he got dance for that song, n in jb one.. no haf lor.

    not-so-exciting shows how to write exciting reviews?

    the highlight of my evening.. no need to queue up for anything, get to hear him sing live, n spending time with an old fren.

    there u go.

  3. initially read the topic and guessed it’s 寂静岭(JJ Lin)

  4. woah, J is back…

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