Posted by: incywincy | May 13, 2006

And still on the roads

Dear has been MMSing me to 报平安 (loosely translated to mean "report that he's safe") wherever he is, on his cycling trip. East Coast, City Hall, Jalan Kayu, Yishun, and then Woodlands.

Resting at Woodlands (2:09am)

Later, he MMSed me this photo, with a message attached to it: "Looking at Malaysia from the dam." (2:50am)

What dam? Hmm. I googled it, and I think he means the Kranji Reservoir Dam. He must have been looking across the Straits of Johor and missing me! Haha!

Ta-dah!  Back at NTU! Heading to West Coast (4:05am)

ETA (4:40am): Dear just SMSed me, saying that he won't be able to take any more photos to send me because his phone battery is dying soon. Bleah. Too much camwhoring liao. Haha! He'll be safe. Cos he loves me and he has to come back to me. : )


  1. to the person or whatever who left the first comment, if you think this is fun, feel free to continue. but i do suggest you use an anonymous IP instead. dial-up might be a better choice, although it’s trackable too.
    and i’m truely deeply impressed by your noble action. salute!

  2. aiyah dear. ignore these idiots.. besides.. why wld we wan to haf anything to do with that bastard son-of-a-bitch anymore?

  3. oh sheeesh.

    anyway i think the whole ‘bao ping an’ thru mms is super cute!!!!

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