Posted by: incywincy | May 13, 2006

Alaska, the Land of the Polar Bears

Last Tuesday (9 May), I met up with my two best pals (Shwu Huey and Peiyu) from JC1 days, at Marina Square. We had a gathering because Yu was flying off to Alaska, the land of the fluffy polar bears, soon. Tee hee! Actually, I made that up, Alaska doesn't have polar bears. But doesn't it sound like it does? Well, at least that's what came to my mind when she told me about Alaska.

Yu will be there on the Work And Travel USA scheme, which I want to go for, too. Bleah. So many people I know have been there. Most notedly Candice (cos I read about her trip through her blog) and now Mikeller (who is in New Jersey now – you can read about it on her blog) and Yu, as well.

Yer. So unfair. Me also wanna go for WAT USA! Bleh.

Anyways. The three of us scouted around for quite some time, for a place to eat. Finally we settled on the new Kam Boat Restaurant at Marina Square. The place had a pleasant ambience, and the menu seemed quite alright. Most importantly, they had private tables with nice sofas!

We ordered a set meal for 2, which we shared among us. Too bad, no pics of the food! We sorta forgot, in our scramble to attack the food to appease our growling tummies. There were 3 kinds of dim sum, some fried tofu, some fried little fishies, veggies with giant mushrooms, sharks' fin dumpling soup, and Chinese fried noodles. The food wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't too bad either. But what was best was, as usual, catching up with one another. We kept telling Yu to eat more. I kept telling her, "Yu, eat more! Over there you can't get Chinese food like this! Only got polar bear food!" Haha!

I kept on going on and on about the polar bears that they got quite sick of it at the end of the night. Hahahaha!

She's now at some small town in Alaska, and will be working as a waitress over the summer. I'll bet it's really cold there, cos Mimi just MSNed me and told me that it's very cold in NJ. Imagine Alaska. Look at the map here.

Alaska is the area in pink (cos pink is my love for Yu) and NJ is the area in orange (cos it reminds me of happy Mimi and her orange bag back in JC) Haha. So out of point. But yeah. Just look at the latitude difference! Yu must be freezing up there. Brrr.

Wanted to SMS her but then Starhub Internet SMS website is down. And since I'm in JB, if I send an SMS from my phone, it'll cost alot. And my HP bill is already skyhigh! Haha. Shall SMS tomorrow then. Hehehe.

Here's a pic of the three of us (the three musketeers of 01S01/2001)

Me, Yu and Huey. Huey and I just finished work, hence the office wear.

And me with my dear pretty Yu who is probably freezing her pretty butt off now.

Take care okay, girl! Bring me a polar bear when you get back! Haha! Muacks!

It was really fun meeting up and totally pigging out. Haha. And Huey sent us a really sweet email that night, with the above photos as attachments. She also said she'll try to be my eating buddy at least once a week in June when my dearest boyfriend is back in Beijing for the summer. Hehe. I'll definitely be whining to her alot, but then again this is what good friends are for, yeah? Hehe. See you soon, babe! : P


  1. *screams*
    show me the polar!

  2. hahaha.. ur comment jus totally cracked me up.. hehe. i think i over-blogged ytd, today dun feel like blogging at all! lol. maybe tonite.

  3. *sings*
    i’ve the power!

  4. orh, btw, dun think Alaska would be very cold now, in between spring n summer. although it’s not comparable with s’pore. heh…

    talking abt Alaska reminds me of Husky…

  5. ya peiyu emailed n she said its not very cold over there now.. haha.. oh well.

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