Posted by: incywincy | April 22, 2006

Girls’ Night Out!

Yesterday's dinner at Fish & Co. with Calyn and Trixy was a blast. Despite everything, we still have the best laughs whenever we get together. Here's a whole series of photographs which tell about 30 thousand words. *smiles*

There was a long queue at Fish & Co.!

But it wasn't too bad because we started entertaining ourselves with stories of a particular girl that we knew. Yeay, bitching and more bitching! Haha. It's been a long time since we got together, and we just had stories that we were dying to trade. I can't name names, though, because this particular girl that we were bitching about reads my blog!

Actually I feel kinda happy. Someone who hates me that much actually bothers to read my blog and keep abreast with what happens in my life. Well, I hope she's upset to know that the three of us are actually good friends, and that I am very happy with my life at the moment. Also, there seems to be misunderstanding which I'd like to clarify: I actually quit NIE because I hate the course and because of medical reasons, not because I flunked out of school. Well, *smiles* at least I was qualified for the degree course, which she didn't qualify for. Tee hee!

Anyways, after gossiping for a long time, we finally got in, ordered our food, and got it served to us! We shared a Seafood Platter for Two, which is my favourite dish at Fish & Co.!

Halfway through eating, we decided to camwhore, with our very sexy forks! Woo hoo!

Cal didn't have any 'props' to model with, so we made her rabbit ears with mussels.

At this point, we started bitching about aforementioned girl again, and Trixy decided that she would get revenge for the girl, because I wrote a damn mean (but 100% true) blog entry about that girl a year ago!

Trixy, you don't love me anymore? : (

Calyn saw what was happening and intervened. She tried to get revenge for me by squirting lemon at Trixy! Hahaha!

In the end, Trix decided that she actually still does love me, so she didn't kill me, and Cal realised that the lemon didn't have enough juice in it to squirt at Trix. So we continued eating till all the food was gone! Haha!

Empty plates, bloated tummies, satisfied smiles (and sad wallets).

We sat there awhile more, nursing our iced waters (haha) and Trixy got kinda lonely cos Chris (her bf) is still in camp. So she decided to make out with a couple of prawn (heads)!

Eee, Trix, they're so ugly leh.

And while we're on the topic of bad taste, I still can't believe how this guy I used to be acquainted with, can actually choose that girl as his girlfriend. My gosh. It totally encapsulates the definition of bad taste. Haha.

Moving on. Phone time! Trix was on the line with her friend, and I returned a missed call from Dear, while Cal snapped this shot of us both on the phone. Haha.

Trix really has a million and one poses. This is her sexy Lemon Lips pose.

After we fooled around enough, we paid the bill, and headed for the Pet Shop! There, Trixy could finally bring her darling Lilo out. Ta-dah! Presenting to you the world's cutest Yorkshire, Lilo Lim (baby of Trixy Tan and Chris Lim)!

Lilo is simply so adorable! She has hugeass ears that have a bigger surface area than her entire face. Her fur is also very smooth and fine. But her body is so heartbreakingly tiny. She is so tiny that everyone who meets her will love her to bits!

I hereby declare that I am officially in love with Lilo! Hehe!

Look at her uber adorable face in this video!

We hung out at the Pet Shop for a while, and of course Lilo got alot of attention. Even from the owner's humongous dog! Watch this hilarious video.

By the way, don't you just love's new Video-uploading function? I do! But I hate WordPress for not allowing us to embed videos in our blogs! Grrr!

Bleah. Moving on.

Afterwards, we moved on to Coffee Bean (outdoor area), where we entertained ourselves with Lilo's antics, watching Lilo chase after Trixy excitedly, taking photos with (and of) Lilo, hugging Lilo, kissing Lilo, and taking more photos of Lilo. Heh. Be warned: Lots of Lilo photos ahead!

Lilo in Trixy's lap. And stop staring at Lilo's… you poots.

This is an unfair comparison of how small Lilo is, compared to a human being, because Trixy is extremely small in size herself. Haha.

This picture of Lilo is scary! But still cute. Haha!

The mandatory group pic. : )

Eee. The pics we took last night are so bleah. Moving on.

Trixy declares her love for me! Awww… *smiles*

Lilo has big ears.

Look, Ma! No ears! Haha! Now you see 'em, now you don't!

The Lilo vs Calyn face-off.

No, actually Calyn is assessing Lilo's suitability to join the Miss Singapore Universe 2007 pageant. We established that she's good-looking, more intelligent than all the participants to date, and has such a loving personality which attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life! Perfect! Haha!

Trix and Cal.

And again.

More pix of Lilo!

Pretty girls Calyn Lee and Lilo Lim, posing for the papparazi.

Lilo loves Daphne best. *kiss!*

And finally, Cal and me! *muacks* Hehe. Good friends now and always. : )

Incy Wincy? : )

Yay! We're at the end of this very very very long blog entry! The photos took a damn long time to resize (and to edit – all thanks to my darling Chaoyi! Yay!)


  1. it is NOT because i had no props!! haha.. both of you outcast me coz i can’t eat as much as you all lor.. *sulks*.. so unfair..

  2. ya la.. u eat so slow n so little until we had to pile food on ur plate so tt u will eat.. hehe.. it was so fun mtg up agn.. mmuakks!

  3. ugh im so jealous of your new incywincy siggy. it’s great! and lilo is so pretty and so tiny!

  4. i love the incywincy thing too! heh. and i love lilo too.. i love everything cute! oh that includes me. wahahahaha…

  5. il est trop chou votre chien trop mignon*

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