Posted by: incywincy | April 21, 2006

We now have matching phones!

Presenting to you, Chaoyi's Sharp 802SH and Daphne's Mitsubishi M800, decked out in brown camouflage gaffer tape!

It looks so wrong. The masculine camou print and the pink handphone strap. Haha! The tape is quite amazing. It doesn't leave any sticky residue after you peel it off from any surface.

"It's from US!" exclaims Chaoyi. Ya, useless bit of info that I don't need.

But nice hor, the matching phones? Hehe! We're gonna change the colour soon. He has other gaffering tapes. Haha.

Anyone who wants to gaffer their camera (or phones) can click here! Haha. I'm gonna get something back from him for this free advertisement. Hah!

[NB: Chaoyi said that I don't need so many categories for my blog entries anymore. Just 2 will do: "With Chaoyi" and "Without Chaoyi". Haha.]

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