Posted by: incywincy | April 21, 2006

Rejoice! It’s Friday!

We're staying in today – not going to the Library cos it's so hot outside, and I'm having cramps. Boo. Menstrual cramps suck big time. 

Look! I cleaned up my baby's wardrobe. Look at how neat it is! Even my own wardrobe isn't anywhere as neat as this. Haha. I am such a nice girlfriend. Hahaha. *self praise* Tee-hee!

I am now the official wardrobe keeper. Haha. Look at the Incy Wincy hanging from a thread. No, actually the string is from the black thing on top. It just happened to be hanging down, so I put the Incy Wincy there. Isn't it adorable? Haha.

And yesterday, he played Zuma (tsk, never study while I was at work) and got 12 frogs (lives). : ( Why can't I get even 7 lives? Bleah.

Zuma is so fun. We're addicted. Haha. Okay! Time to go cook lunch! : )

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