Posted by: incywincy | April 20, 2006

Dumplings for dinner!

Work was horrible today, mainly because of a petty grudge I bore against the HRA, and which I couldn’t get over no matter how I tried. It was a psychological problem and I could and should have dealt with it, but I let it get the better of me.

Anyway, after work, spent a lovely albeit short time catching up with dear Pearl on our way home, and then I headed back to Boon Lay to meet Chaoyi. We went grocery shopping at NTUC, then back to his hall.

He cooked dumplings for dinner! 🙂 Note that I said that he cooked dumplings, not made dumplings, for dinner. Haha. He’d bought these home-made dumplings from the SgChinese forum (I’m serious, you can buy anything there). He said that there are loads of them (dumplings) on the forum – made by Chinese ladies who are here in Singapore with their children (who are students here). I think the term is pei du mama (mothers who accompany children to study). These ladies are probably bored as hell while their kids are as school, so they find innovative ways to earn money. This is one of them.

Honestly, I think it’s a fantastic idea. They get to earn money, we get to eat some nice home-made dumplings. Haha. It’s not all that expensive either. 100 dumplings for S$20 or so. The 100 that Chaoyi bought came in 3 flavours. Of course we didn’t eat them all in one go. We’ve probably eaten about thirty odd.

Yay. More dumplings for the next couple of days. 🙂


  1. yeah, you can buy anything there, heh…

  2. haha. can buy 3 chaoyis?

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