Posted by: incywincy | April 20, 2006

Back at Titan

Just for a day though. Everything here seems to have changed. Yet, in a strange way, it’s still the same. There are new departments, new faces. The stationery drawers are still exactly as I arranged them before I left. The admin is in a worse state than it was when I was here – stacks of documents waiting to be filed but no one to do them, letters unopened and unanswered, courier invoices unpaid. They should hire me again! Haha.

So I’m actually torn between:
(1) tidying up the mess within the next 5 hours to prove myself, and
(2) slacking – afterall I’m here only for a day so why should I care?

I miss my bed. And oh, you. Hehe.


  1. huh? who? me? heh~~

    Will they issue you a PR if you work hard?

  2. haha yes, you.

    issue PR? erm… u think they’re govt ar.. haha.

  3. Love is all around me….all around….I can smell the electric of it in the air….

  4. smell ok, dun get electroshock can liao, heh…

  5. lik: don’t u have anything else better to do huh.. like pick my sis up from sch or smtg.. haha..

  6. Won’t get electric shock mah. Eh, comon man, I am just rejoicing and rising to the occasion. 😛

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