Posted by: incywincy | April 19, 2006

I got my menses! Boo!

Okay, too much info there, I know. But yeah. I hate getting the menses. It's no wonder I've been so crabby for the last few days. Yesterday was the ultimate. I actually threw a tantrum and insisted that I wanted to stay in the room and sleep, after I'd actually gone over to his room to wake him up so that we could go to the library to study. We ended up napping for about 2 or 3 hours. And I was whining pretty badly. I was this close to yelling at someone. Urbs. Anyway, at least I know now that my mood will be improving soon, and so will my complexion! It's just horrid. I've been breaking out majorly. Urgh.

Some random pics taken this afternoon:

| Photos taken with a Sharp 802SH |

He's supposed to be studying but he can't keep his eyes off me! Hahaha!

That's me, concentrating real hard on Zuma! Haha.
I always make funny faces like this when I'm concentrating very hard.

He bought these weird contraptions to wind wires around, keeping them neat.
Can also be used to keep headphones. I use it for my mouse.
His is lime green while mine is icy blue. Very interesting things!
Though my Mom would say, "Waste money! Just tie with rubberband!" Haha!

After studying. We were on our way to dinner at Canteen A.
The sun had already set, but the picture is amazingly bright!

Pink skies above NIE

At Canteen A, after dinner. Super unglam shot with *toot* hair. Eeee…
Gone are the days when I'd doll up and take glam photos.
Don't even put on make-up nowadays, and my staples are denim skirts and tees.

These two photos were actually taken yesterday afternoon. It was a horrid day.
I was in a bad mood, and nuah-ed in the room till 3pm before we left.
After that, I went for a 3.5 hour product training session for my new job.

This is my darling hard at work:

Look at his new, untouched-until-recently, clean Electronics textbook!

Meanwhile, I was taking stoning and taking wu liao photos like this one:

Libraries are so pretty. 🙂

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