Posted by: incywincy | April 19, 2006

Bored Ramblings

I'm so bored that I've been playing Zuma for the last 2 hours or so. Seriously. I. Need. A. Life. Here's my high score! Haha!

I kept trying to get 7 frogs (life) in my reserve, but I kept falling short of it. I would die and use up one life just as I was about to hit the next 50,000 that would entitle me to an extra life. So bloody irritating!

And Chaoyi kept laughing at me. Bleah.

Anyway, the wireless connection is horrendous today. Worse than any other day that I've spent here at the library. I just kept getting disconnected while talking to Jasline on MSN, who's in Japan right now. In the end, I just gave up, and stopped trying to get connected on MSN. That's how I started playing Zuma. Haha.

I also finished reading my copy of the latest 8days. I swear, I'm addicted to this trashy magazine. But hey, it's good entertainment for S$2 a week.

On the cover this week is Joanne Peh, Ling Lee and Elvin Ng. The title this issue is: "Excuse me, why aren't you in school?" (Undergrads moonlighting as stars: they're young, educated & famous. Don't you just hate them?)

First grouse: Ling Lee is from NTU! Not NUS, as written by 8days! That said, it's not as if she's such a big deal that I am dying to associate her with my school. If anyone remembered her from the Miss Singapore Universe 2005 pageant… Har-de-har. It was really laughable, watching her during the Q&A round. But however laughable that was, I am ashamed to tell you that she is the Ambassador of the NTUSU. How do you expect someone who can't produce a couple of intelligent sentences before an audience, to represent the NTUSU? What's worse is that she is actually getting paid to do so. A hefty 4-figure sum for doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g. WTF. But. I digress. Why can't a magazine like 8days get their facts right before slapping it on the front cover?

Second grouse: Joanne Peh again? *yawn* Over-publicized, over-hyped. Nothing to make a big hoo-hah about. Who wants to read again about how she has been struggling so hard juggling school and filming, or about the 5-figure sum that was sponsored for her Final Year Project (FYP)? Yes, she's probably the only undergrad who has gotten a single sponsor for such a huge amount (in fact, I think she's the only one with a sponsor), and for her one-man-show-FYP too? We've read all these a gazillion times. *yawn*

Third grouse: What is it with Mediacorp handing out contracts to ex-MSU pageant finalists all the time? Is Singapore really so lack of talents? First, Jamie Teo with her girlband that didn't have a single hit. Then we had Bernice Wong who hosted one show? I think. Cheryl Tay was hosting some show too, wasn't she? But where is she now? (I have to admit, though, that over the years that I've been in Singapore and watching MSU, Cheryl's got to be the best of the lot of them winners). Joanne Peh is a different story, of course, but she's one successful case compared to the rest who just disappeared. But I'm not crazy about her. She is so sickeningly sweet in the drama Yours Always. It just doesn't go down well with her looks. It's… gross, truth be told.

Anyway, back to the topic of MSU. This year's winner (Carol Cheong) is so undeserving! Sure, she's got a great bod. Big boobs and all that. But no brains? Her answer to the first question (simply stupid) should have seen her being a less worthy choice of a representative of Singapore, as compared to Jade Seah, SMU undergrad, who answered both her questions with poise and intelligence. And I think Jade's pretty too. Sure, Carol's second answer redeemed her slightly, but still! Choosing someone just because she has big boobs is just totally wrong!

Well, I guess the judges shouldn't really have to worry about sending someone stupid to LA for the Miss Universe pageant – What are the chances that Miss Singapore will make it to the Q&A round anyway? That goes for all the other Asian representatives except maybe, Miss India and Miss China.



  1. haha. i am like your blog stalker or something, leaving more than one msg a day! oh i like elvin ng! he’s a cute english major at that! woohooooo! =) but he speaks in a funny ah pek-ish voice!

    and ugh! i agree about the MSU winner. but i guess a beautiful body more than makes up a lack of grey matters. haha.

    your chaoyi and you look so cute together! i hope you two have many more happy days ahead! and oh yea, we shld meet up soon k cos i miss you toooooo!

  2. its ok! i like u to stalk my blog! haha.. n ya.. elvin ng is cute.. heh. cant reali tell tt he’s an english lit major.. tho he has a weird accent whn he speaks chinese, which is so tell-tale tt he doesn’t reali speak chinese much. hur hur.

    i think the 2 of us can jus sit n bitch all day abt msu finalists. lol.

    hee.. i noe im cute! anyone with me wil look cute too! hahaha. oops.. šŸ™‚

    i miss you too! meet up after exams! or any time ure in sch.. i can mt u for lunch / dinner or smtg.

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