Posted by: incywincy | April 17, 2006


Last Saturday, after breakfast at Canteen 2, we met this very tame, friendly and adorable kitty cat near the canteen. We sat there for almost an hour, playing with the kitty cat and taking photos of it.

| Photos taken using Nokia 7610 and Mitsubishi M800 |

The Cat!

*sniff* The floor doesn't really smell good.

I am Cleopatra the Kitty Queen!

My down-there abit dirty. *lick* Tee-hee!

Missed a spot there on my leg.

Look at my great big eyes. Am I cute? 🙂

*ignores* This girl keeps playing with my fur. I just cleaned it!

Time for a kitty nap!


*swipe* Get that out of my face! *gnarl*

Malas nak layan lah.



I so want to adopt this kitty cat! Hehe! Although she ignored me most of the time.

A pic of me and my darling.


While I was home last weekend, the lotus was blooming in the guppy 'ponds'. Wish I had a better camera with me then, instead of just my 1.3 megapixel phone camera to take pics with.

I've been camping here at Dear's room since yesterday evening. I've been hogging his bed sleeping all day all night! Gosh. This morning, he woke me up after a short trip to school to hand in an assignment. He told me it was noon, but it was actually only 8.30am. He'd bought breakfast, and I dragged myself out of bed to eat. Then we went back to sleep till somewhere around noon time. Woke up, and we had fruits (watermelon, honeydew, dragonfruit) and went back to sleep again. Finally woke up at 4:30pm, bathed, and wrote an e-mail to the Dean of NBS.

Then we took a walk to Canteen 14 to have dinner. The Jap food there is not bad. We bought some stuff from the Minimart there: wholemeal bread (yay!), chocolate (yay!) cashew nuts (double yay!), milk, and luncheon meat! I love cashew nuts!

Dear, you're my cashew nut! Like Scrat and the acorn! 🙂


  1. ehhhh i think i missed something here. 😉

  2. oo.. haha.. i think 4 entries ago, i mentioned smtg.. hehe.. unde the ‘NIE library cafe’ entry.. hehe.

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