Posted by: incywincy | April 15, 2006

Complete the sentence!

Stolen Taken from Lester's blog:

My ex is the biggest asshole there ever was.

Maybe I should go and pee before my bladder bursts.

I love playing Scrabble.

I don't understand why people stand in front of the MRT door before the exiting people have alighted.

I lose my things all the time because I'm muddle-headed and scatter-brained.

People say I am short. Well, I guess it's true.

Love is something dangerous. It makes you do things you never imagined yourself ever doing.

Somewhere in MOE is my release form waiting to be signed.

I will always be thankful if I get into NBS!

Forever is a scary notion.

I never want to leave NTU.

I think the current US President would function better as a rose Bush. Okay, lame. Haha!

When I wake up in the morning, … I don't wake up in the morning.

My past (is) mostly worth forgetting.

I get annoyed when the weather is too humid and too hot.

Parties are for youngsters who have just started experiencing the freedom of adulthood.

My dog is in need of a bath (in the washing machine, tee hee!)

My cat is non-existent. Yet. But I wanna adopt that adorable cat that we met today!

Kisses are the best when they are stolen.

Tomorrow my Daddy will be flying back to Surabaya after being at home for a week.

I really want to study at NBS next semester.

I have low tolerance for people who lack common sense.


  1. no no nooooooooooooooo don’t come to hell nbs!! >.

  2. HAHAHA. angeline is hilarious.

  3. hahaha.. u two are hilarious. 🙂 heh. i stil want to go to NBS tho. lol.

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