Posted by: incywincy | April 15, 2006

A Painful Dental Adventure

This afternoon, after Mommy and Daddy went to NTU to pick me (and my boxes) up, we came back to JB for lunch with Auntie Lim. The very same Auntie Lim who gave my Mommy a cane to discipline us with, when we were young tots. Needless to say, she wasn't the most popular "Mommy's friend" in our minds.

But she doesn't scare me anymore. Haha! She's quite comical actually. Alot of gossips and stories to hear whenever she's around.

Pictures of lunch!

| Photos taken using a Mitsubishi M800 |

Tiger Beer? Nope. Lime juice! Haha!

Roast chicken, stir-fried kailan, mince meat tofu, and otah.
As I always say, any food found anywhere in Malaysia is good. Haha.

Came home after a very filling lunch, then headed out again with Daddy, to the dentist's. I wanted to do teeth scaling. We waited for 2 hours before it was our turn. The nurse called my name first, so I jumped up from my seat happily, thinking that it was finally my turn. I actually bounced into the dentist's office, and sat down with a happy plop in the dental chair.

She checked my teeth and reprimanded me for not brushing my teeth properly, and not visiting the dentist regularly (my last dental appointment was at least a few years ago. Whoops). In addition, she told me that traces of cement from the days when I wore orthodontic braces were still there, making my teeth look yellow and dirty. She then told me that it could be fixed, so I was happy.

The bad news started soon after.

"You have a small cavity here," she said.

She proved her point by knocking against said affected tooth (my left third molar) with pointy metal instrument, which immediately sent a sharp pain down my nerves and caused my body to spasm involuntarily. I have a low tolerance for pain.

"You're lucky it's not so bad yet. You didn't realise because it hasn't started hurting yet. Of course, by the time it started hurting, it would have been a huge hole already," she continued.

She proceeded with her jabbing and poking around in my mouth with that sharp metal instrument, which made me rather nervous, by the way.

"One more here. Very small one. You don't need to do any filling here. But do take care of it," she said, as she jabbed on my right third molar.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "More on your incisors! But this is small, too. I'll use white cement to fill it up, cos it's gonna show through the gap between your two incisors."

At this point in time, I was convinced that I should take proper dental care from now, before I start needing dentures. Ack. Scary thought. Floss and brush, that's the way to go.

After she was satisfied poking around my mouth, she adjusted the lamp overhead, and the nurse put this suction tube thing to suck the saliva out of my mouth while I kept my mouth open (doing this activates the salivary glands beneath your tongue, behind the bottom row of your teeth). Then she took out some even sharper metal instrument that was electric-operated.

At this point in time, I truly freaked out. (It's been quite some time since I last did teeth scaling, you see, and I'd forgotten what it's like) If at this point, you're thinking what a wimp Daphne is, look at these pictures, and read on.

She switched on the pointy thingy, and it made a whirring sound that resembled an electric drill. No kidding. I grabbed the armrests on both sides of the chair, and held on for dear life.

I can't even begin to describe the sensation. The whirring sound made me even more nervous, and when she struck my gum with it, pain seared through my mouth, and the first thought that went through my mind was, "WTF?! She drilled into my gum!" I imagined a fountain of blood when I tasted that metallic bloody taste. A tear rolled out of my eye, but she persisted.

Each time she told me to rinse my mouth, I deliberately took a long time, dreading the moment when I leaned back and she would put that awful drill into my mouth again. Each time I rinsed my mouth, I also spat out alot of blood. I felt faint, as usual, upon seeing blood. Imagine! Ten visits to the dentist would probably fill a blood donation bag! Argh.

After scaling, she poked around my mouth some more, and then used another pointy instrument (also electric-operated) and scraped the ortho cement off my teeth. Another dull searing pain. Although she didn't work on the gums, the pressure on the teeth by those pointy things was enough to send shocks to my traumatised nerves beneath my teeth.

At the end, she finally said, "Okay, I'm going to polish your teeth now." And she took another instrument which has some brush as a head, and she dipped it into a tub of toothpaste-tasting white goo. If you think this would be a painless ordeal, you're wrong! The brush-head spinned when she switched it on, and whenever the sides of the brush came into contact with your gum, the sides of your mouth, or your lips, it hurts too!

Damn evil woman, that one. I was in the dentist's chair for a mere 25 minutes, but it felt like an entire lifetime. I walked out of the dentist's office with wobbly jelly legs, a very sore mouth full of sore and traumatised gums, and gaps between my teeth (where she removed the plaque and tartar). The most pleasant moment I had was actually making payment for the entire torturous ordeal.

I don't even want to imagine how awful it would be on my next visit, to fill the cavities up.


  1. whoo.. suddenly got so many updates!! haha.. but i guess the one for your boyfriend aren’t meant for our eyes huh.. hehe..

    anyway.. i hate the dentist too.. 😦 even though i have a family dentist.. but i still think they’re scary..

  2. haha.. bcos last nite chaoyi was out mah.. thn i got nothing to do n no one to talk to! everyone having exam now.. no one MSN with me lor..

    n yah.. i hate going to the dentist now! so scary! last time we had a family dentist too.. he was my daddy’s uni mate.. dr yap.. he was nice lor.. whn i was young.. he pluck my teeth out already thn he bring me go eat ice cream! heh. im so easy to bluff hor? lol.

  3. BRUSH TEETH MORE FREQUENTLY! Damn you have so many cavities! All caused by fermented acids which remain in your teeth all night long when you don’t brush them before bedtime!

  4. i got brush, i got brush! really. n i jus started flossing too.. anyways. small cavities.. so muz take care of em now whn they’re still reparable.. haha..

    u also alot of cavities mar.. dun think i dunno… ahhahahaha.

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