Posted by: incywincy | April 13, 2006

NIE Library Cafe

Each time I start a blog entry, I always seem to have to write something along the lines of “It’s been quite some time since I last updated” or “This is a long overdue blog entry”.

Some updates: Bla bla bla bla I got attached Bla bla bla bla. Haha!

Moving on. Because The Boyfriend is having his exams now, I’ve been going to the NIE library with him to study. He studies, I muck around. Haha. The NIE library is really gorgeous! Here are some pics to prove it.

| Photos taken using Nokia 7610 and Mitsubishi M800 |

This is the NIE Library Cafe on Level 3

And the walkway leading to the Cafe, which has tables all along the way.
There are also power points and network points beside each table!
The only sucky thing is the lousy wireless network connection.

The cosy corner at the end of the walkway.

While The Boyfriend was busy studying…

I was busy vandalising his stuff with my markers!

And his arm, too! Haha.
Mosquito bite vs Human bite.

Yes, I bit his arm. Haha!

Look! Fake marker! Which is the fake?

NIE dresscode. Yup, trainee teachers have dresscodes to follow!
Which is why I got scolded by some bitchy librarian last Friday.
I was wearing denim shorts, a racer back tee, and white sandals.
Hey, it’s better than what some Engineering students wear, you know!

This was taken last Friday at the NIE library too.
Big Acer vs Baby Acer!

Size of laptops are directly proportional to owners’ heights. : (

Soon, it was sunset! Really beautiful. These pics don’t do it justice!

The Boyfriend. : )

The NIE campus at dusk, aka moonrise.

Gorgeous, innit? I still maintain that the NIE campus is the most beautiful in NTU.
Even more beautiful than the still-under-construction School of Art, Design & Media.

Anyway, I found this picture (taken some time back) in The Boyfriend’s laptop.
Calyn, this is dedicated to you, cos you don’t have any Buttercup stuff!

P.S.: This was taken at Popular Bookstore, JP.
Imagine, how embarassing! Haha!

And this was taken last night. This was a mosquito.
The bugger tried to suck my blood. *squaashh!* Haha. Loser! Haha!

Okay! I’m done with blogging for today! The Boyfriend has been complaining that I don’t blog anymore these days. Heh. I’m just too lazy, you know. But I’ll try to blog more often. : )


  1. What? You painted HIS calculator in pink and drew flowers? Now he’s gonna walk around campus with his pink calculator and look like a pansy?

  2. 1 more reason not to use my calculator (aka study)…

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