Posted by: incywincy | April 8, 2006

Sunrise Adventure

I know this post is long overdue (I'm just so lazy to blog these days), but I also know that you all still love me (and my blog) Hehe!

Last Sunday, after just one hour of sleep, I woke up at 5.30am to go chase the sun with two loonies.

Here are the two loonies:

Aka Chaoyi and Justin.

We went to somewhere on the ECP near Suntec to take pictures of the sunrise. Now tell me, who in the right mind would do that? Well, no one else I can think of, except… *coughChaoyi&Justincough*

So anyway, while they were busy shooting away with their pro pro DSLRs, I used my pathetic 1.3megapixel camera on my phone to shoot this:

Not bad, right. At least it does look abit artistic. Haha! But here's my favourite shot of the day:

With my favourite boy in it. 🙂

The sky is starting to turn brighter. Purplish blue. Nice.


I wanna live here:

Nice? I like. Hehe.

Time to camwhore a little! Haha!

You honestly didn't think that I would forget to take a picture, did you? Haha! Sorry if I look scary without make up 0.o

Leaving ECP! Yay!

Playing with the sepia mode on my camera phone:

Looks so autumn-y. Ha!

Flyovers! I like!

After they'd finished, we headed down to Suntec for breakfast with Justin's friend Mikimoto Makotomiki!

Seriously, have you ever seen Suntec this empty?

After breakfast, Chaoyi and I were too tired to do anything else (Justin and Makotomiki went somewhere else to take pics, I think), so we took bus 196 and headed back towards the western part of Singapore.

But on the way, we decided to drop by Ikea! Haha!

However, after we alighted the bus, and were already walking towards Ikea, I realised that my phone was gone!

My first thought: "My photos! My contacts!"

I know, I need to get my priorities right. But that's what I was thinking. Anyway, we kept calling the phone, but there was no answer. And I was so worried that the phone would just die. Cos it was low on battery already!

So we took a taxi, from Queenstown area, towards Clementi (final stop of the bus service 196). We literally chased after the bus! Luckily for me, a very handsome and kind stranger from SIM found the phone, and gave Chaoyi a call on his mobile, and we went to SIM to collect it from him.

So, handsome and kind stranger from SIM, though you may never know this, but I'm grateful! Eternally!

In the end, we ended up in SIM, checking out the campus and looking for a drink. I never knew the SIM campus was so beautiful! Really! You guys should go and check it out. They have this huge area that is totally airconditioned! How cool! (Excuse the pun, haha!)

This is their very pretty koi pond. Hehe.

So that concludes our Sunrise Adventure. 🙂

Some photos by Chaoyi:

I know lah, nicer than mine. But some people use pro pro Nikon D70 can, I use Mitsubishi M800!

And a last photo by him:

Me! Me! It's me! Can you tell? Tee hee! 😛


  1. sofa

  2. couch?

  3. sofa bed can? i need to slp…

  4. i think the last photo look sucidal leh! hahahahaha…

  5. it was a ‘buy me that house or i will jump!’ situation…

  6. linda: you’re so imaginative.. hahaha..

    chaoyi: yah.. so are u going to buy me the house?

  7. [selling myself to fund daphne’s house scheme]

    one chaoyi for sale. male chinese, in good working condition, underutilized for the last 20+ years. expected to funtion well for the next 40 years or so. 1 week personal warranty.

    want to sell or trade with a house beside kallang river (as shown in photo). willing parties please contact daphne for further details.

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