Posted by: incywincy | April 2, 2006

Long overdue Birthday post

Saturday, 1 April

Went out with Calyn to Orchard to have dinner. It's supposed to be a sort of birthday celebration for Cal (but I forgot that it's my birthday just a week ago too). Cal's birthday was on 29th March. I took leave from work on that day specially to commemorate her birth day 22 years ago. Yup. Haha!

This is what I wore today! The flowers are for Calyn.

 Here are the flowers, close-up:

We went to eat at Sakae Sushi at Heeren!

Here's Cal with the flowers. (Warning: More saccharine photos with flowers ensue after this):

Us, while waiting for our Chawamushi:

The damage after our meal (4 coloured plates, 2 chawamushi, 1 red plate, 1 plate of shishamo, 1 plate of soft shell crab and many glasses of green tea):

Thank you for the dinner treat, Cal! Hehe.

There was this super cute scooter thingie outside Heeren. I don't know what it is, but I took a pic of it anyway!

With flash!

I think the pic without flash looks nicer. I don't really like flash.

Anyways. After that we moved on to Starbucks, across the road from Heeren. Ordered some Frappes (Mocha for Cal, Coffee for me) We sat there for about 10 minutes, took some photos, then there was some fly-fly thing. I was quite scared. Then it landed on the glass beside me. And I saw that it was a cockroach! Argh! Super huge cockroach! So I shrieked, jumped up, grabbed my drink, and we left! We ended up walking along Orchard Road towards the MRT station.

Here's some pics that we took at Starbucks.

See the round thing near the ribbon? It's actually a wind-up toy (a whale) in a pink 'glass' ball. Hehe. I just thought that it was cute, so I got it, and tied it to the flower with a pink ribbon.

According to Cal, she doesn't really like pink that much, but everyone insists on buying her pink stuff. Lol.

Calyn was, btw, 1 hour late again today! I knew it lor! We agreed to meet at 6pm, but having taken into account her unpunctuality, I also arrived at Orchard MRT at 7pm! It was really good timing and good estimation on my part. Haha!

More pics of Cal with the flowers:

She says that the flowers are nice to lie on. =.="

And me! With my pink top, pink bag, and the pink flowers.

Ew, what a gross pic of me. Haha. And look at the way I was strangling the flowers. Haha!

Okay! That concludes the dinner with Calyn. Looking forward to lunch-ing with her and Linda on 11 April! Yay! Linda, cannot pangseh ok!

Saturday, 25 March

It was my birthday! Thank you to all who SMSed me, MSNed me, announced my birthday on their blogs (Linda and Selena), and of course, those who celebrated it with me.

My birthday celebration lasted for 3 consecutive days (woah, macam some deity). On Thursday, my ex-roomie (Xiaoyun) and present roomie (Huiying) brought me out for dinner at Fish & Co. We had a yummilicious seafood platter for 2, and Xiaoyun and Lance gave me this Mr Bean teddy bear. So cute! Thank you ar. : )

On Friday, Stella came over with me to watch the Angela Zhang campus concert at NTU. She gave me a necklace. I love it! Though I haven't had the chance to wear it. Heh.

Anyways, on Saturday I went back to JB to celebrate my birthday with my family (I always go home for my birthday). Met up with Serene and Lik at Jurong East MRT first. Chaoyi came over in the evening, cos he had to work until 4pm.

Here are some pics he took at my house. Alot of plants. My parents like these potted plants and guppies. We have alot of guppies. Maybe 5000 of them. Haha!

And food! (Well, some of them)

Tne cake is actually a chocolate cake, but my Mom covered it with icing. Damn cute right? And she attempted to write my name on it. But there's a huge blob at the 'N' in my name. Hahahahaha…

Okay, that's about it for the birthday photos. Forgot to take pics with my Mom and youngest sis, Serene. Oh, and thank you to Lik and Serene for getting me the Yanzi Concert in HK VCD!

After we got back to Singapore on Sunday evening, we met up with Melly. She got me this book "Big Girls Don't Whine"

Here's what Chaoyi got me:

It's a bag from his favourite brand – MountainSmith. See, he has one too. Heh. Mine's a sling bag that is also a waist-pouch. He also got me a pink Nalgene water bottle (you can see it peeking out from the right side of the bag) onto which he attached a pink-purplish carabineer and a cord that he tied himself (so sweet, right!)

Oh, and here's a pic of me and Lala while queueing up for the Angela Zhang concert:

Yay! I'm finally done! : )


  1. i’m okay with pink.. just don’t really super love it kind.. haha.. but since it’s close to red.. and i like red.. i accept pink too!! hehe.. thanks for the flowers anyway.. really very nice to lie on!! hahaha..

  2. … wah lao. u lie on my roses?! my love for u is squashed now. hrmph.

  3. Daphne, I’ve forgotten about your birthday! Paiseh ah, Happy Belated Birthday! πŸ˜›

  4. It’s ok leii.. i always forget urs also.. Oops. haha.. 31 dec rite.. heh. somehow i always remember only around mid jan. =X

  5. i just realised.. i cannot make it on the 11th.. i have revision classes that day.. haha.. 10th also cannot..

  6. let linda noe? we arrange another date. MUST meet up! we havent had our dose of linda-laughter, linda-jokes, linda-“SO FUNNY!”, linda-complains, linda-“I’M SO FAT LOR!”, linda-maniaaaa! haha.

  7. i wanna go your house to dine. the food looks so nice. my dad never cook roast chicken like that… i want…i want…the cake also looks yummy…

  8. come over la.. πŸ™‚ hehe..

  9. hi i came across your blog when i did a google search about Mr Bean Teddy Bear.

    I’m actually looking for a Mr Bean Teddy Bear for a photography shoot for work. Do you know where I can buy one? I can only find them on ebay but I have to buy them from overseas and ship them to Singapore.

    Appreciate your help. πŸ™‚


  10. […] Mar 26th, 2007 by incywincy It was my birthday yesterday; my 24th 19th birthday. The first time that I’d spent my birthday away from home, and away from my family. Yes, the first time in my entire life. Previously, I’d always spend my birthday at home, having dinner with my family. It means alot to meΒ to have my loved ones around me, celebrating yet another year in my life. However, due to the fact that everyone is far away and busy, and the below reasons, I didn’t have the usual birthday dinner at home. Flashback: Last Year. […]

  11. coming thurs will b ur belated b day celeb hurr!

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