Posted by: incywincy | March 20, 2006

This is a special week!

My memory must be failing me. I can’t remember why I haven’t blogged for the last 4 days. Hmm. Neither can I remember what I have been doing. Short term memory loss is a sign of old age senility, isn’t it? I’m not even a quarter of a century old, unlike someone, so this is really terrible news.

I finished my last issue (but hopefully not) of Tribune. The March issue will be out today, and after everything’s said and done, after all the rants I’ve had about the difficulties I’ve had managing the paper, I must say that I still want to come back next academic year and run the paper again. I must be crazy.

Tribune production was fine this time round. Some mistakes here and there, but I think I had a pretty good cover story this time. I should have made it 20 pages long, but due to lack of planning, I had to cut down to 16. It’s kinda disappointing, how I don’t feel that I’ve done my best this time round. But still, I’m relieved that I’m done for now.


Anyway, this is what I did over the weekend:

Holland Village with Chaoyi and Justin!

(Holland Village photos by Justin)

After merely 5 hours of sleep (after having spent 16 hours at Tribune production, and an additional 9 hours at work – for me), we went to Holland V to meet Justin for dinner and drinks!

On the bus, on the way to HV. Cam-whoring. Haha.

When we arrived at HV, we went to Crystal Jade Kitchen for dinner. Let me re-express my shock at the overpriced food at Crystal Jade! (0.0)

This is a very happy me. Happy because Justin is photographing me! Haha. Because Chaoyi doesn’t like to photograph me. Boo. Anyway Justin got a new camera! Canon! I like! Haha.

Look! I am grinning so stupidly!

This is Chaoyi, who brings a set of Straits Times newspaper everywhere he goes. Haha. Because he likes to act intelligent. Because he likes to read and keep abreast with current affairs and the latest news.

Moving on. After dinner, of course we have to go down to Essential Brew for tea!

Of course, Chaoyi being Chaoyi, forever hungry, he just had to order more food to make me fat satisfy his hunger. So the three of us shared some light bites (not so light, actually).

Grilled baby potatoes

Fried Calamari Rings

Engrossed in my Women’s Weekly magazine

Chaoyi decided to kaypoh and peered over to see what I was reading

Then I decided to kaypoh also.

No pictures of Justin because the “photographer never appears in the photos”.
(Disclaimer: Unless the photographer is Daphne)

After Essential Brew, the guys decided that we should go to Häagen-Dazs for…


Doesn’t it look absolutely divine? I love the fondue. But I think Max Brenner‘s is still better. Hehe!

Nevertheless, it was an evening I enjoyed tremendously, because of the company (though I still don’t understand what they talk about most of the time. Boo, I need to improve on my Chinese language. Bleah)

The funny thing is, I never thought I’d be able to hang out with Chinese people (not that I have anything against them) because we have this language barrier. But it’s all great with Chaoyi and Justin, because they speak pretty fluent English, and they teach me Chinese! Haha. So My Mandarin’s really improving. Hur hur hur. Happiness.


Sunday was spent indoors, sleeping, Zuma-ing, sleeping, Zuma-ing. What else did we do, huh? It’s like a blur. I think we went out for supper too. I had trouble sleeping last night. I don’t know why.  😦 But I’m feeling fine now. Coffee is good.


Special hello goes out to my favouritest elder sister (she’s the only older sister I have), Doreen. Hur hur hur.

Happy Birthday, Doreen, you 1/4 centurian! Unlike the rest of us who are slogging away at work / in school on this bright and sunny Monday afternoon, Doreen is enjoying herself happily in the cool climate of Genting Highlands, with temporarily-crippled boyfriend, Albert. So yeah. I’m just abit jealous, you old woman.


  1. so fun, i should have went. see la, ask me go myself then i de-motivated already. holland v so inconvenient for me!

    that fondue, got chocolate but what’s the other sauce?

  2. haha.. thts cos our friend was already there, waiting for us, n we cldnt keep him waiting any longer.. sorry la babe.. holland v is inconvenient, i admit, but its all worth it. heh.

    the other sauce in the fondue is strawberry. 🙂

  3. Stop rubbing it in you silly woman. You’re not that far off behind anyway. HAHA, though the temporarily crippled part was true. It took us a gazillion small steps to get to anywhere we wanted to go! Even all the g’mas and g’pas in their loud gaudy prints overtook us.

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