Posted by: incywincy | March 15, 2006

Solitary recluse

Yesterday was such a happy day. I felt great at work (thanks to all that coffee – it’s hard not to feel happy when you have so much caffeine coursing through your veins) and in the evening, I went out with Justin and Chaoyi. We went to Holland Village, my favourite place in Singapore (besides my bed at Hall 4)! Dinner at Mian Jia (Noodles House) was as usual (slightly above average food, affordable price, airconditioned place) and we later went to Essential Brew for drinks and dessert.

Rosebuds, chamomile flowers, earl grey, jasmine tiramisu, rainbow indulgence. An evening of total relaxation and warm, comfortable, quality time with friends.

But it doesn’t matter anymore now. I will live in eternal solitude, never again trusting any male enough to let them come near me.

Coffee. I need coffee. That way I’ll be happier. At least until it wears off, and my eyelids droop, as I lay in bed again, crying myself to sleep for the lost.

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