Posted by: incywincy | March 14, 2006

Wake up and smell the kopi

Tuesday. Tuesday seems so much better than Monday. Tuesday I have a newfound zest and I will re-blog (in summary) what I blogged (and lost) yesterday.

So here I am, with my mug of kopi, feeling happy and renewed. Haha.

Friday: It was a bad day for me, and I was feeling upset again. Then the lowest point was when I cried while at work while talking to Chaoyi on MSN. Yup, you heard it here first – he made me cry. Of course it wasn’t those drama type of wracking sobs, I just teared while hiding behind my computer. That was, maybe, oh, 11 tear drops. Anyway, after work, I went back and met up with the-guy-who-made-me-cry-while-at-work and we had dinner at Canteen A (I had mee sua, which was quite good) before going to SAC to study. I felt like dying btw, SAC was so freezing cold and I was sleepy and icky, cos I’d rushed out immediately after work to meet him.

We went back to my Hall after a while, and I got to shower so I was xiang-xiang and feeling happier. And so we watched Nottinghill. It was my fourth or fifth time watching it, but I still cried anyway. Julia Roberts is one helluva great actress. Hugh Grant is so lovable in a dopey kinda way. Haha.

Saturday: It was NTU Open House, and I went down to the Quad to cover the event as a reporter and photographer. Which was retarded, because I had to use Chaoyi’s D70 after having a 2-minute crash course the previous night, and I was still extremely clueless. And because it was too bright outside, the pictures taken inside the tent were dark. Haiyah! Whatever lah. I’m sure at least one or two can be used.

After Open House, I went back to Hall and nua-ed for a while before heading out to cap the Capgirl for dinner and a movie. We watched Nanny McPhee. Thomas Sangster is so adorable I wanna pinch his fat cheeks! Haha. It was fun, the movie. I like kid movies.

“She’s a witch!” Hahahaha!

Met Chaoyi for a small bite after that, cos he hadn’t had his dinner yet. He’d been working all day at the IT Fair at Suntec (at the SingTel booth, of course, Haha) and it’d been quite a traumatising day for him. In fact I would say that all IT Fairs are traumatising – no matter how experienced you are, you’ll still be traumatised by the hoardes of hungry vultures there. 0_o

Sunday: I spent the day like this:

12am – 5am: Surf net and play Zuma on Popcap
5am – 1pm: Sleep
1pm – 2pm: Lunch, arrange delivery and distribution of OCBC flyers
2pm – 4pm: Watch Bruce Almighty on computer, play Zuma
4pm – 6pm: Sleep
6pm – 7pm: Out with Huiying to CHC food centre
7pm – 11pm: Slack, surf net, MSN, play Zuma
11pm – 12am: Accompany Chaoyi for dinner

And so my Sunday was whiled away just like that. Boo.

Monday: I don’t really remember what I did at work all day, except that I blogged twice and lost the entry twice. Went to meet Woon at her company, with Lik, for some telemarketing position that she wants me to fill. I really like telemarketing (no, I’ve not gone mad) and I like working with Woonie. But I’m lazy to work. I want to sleep. I want my mid-morning naps, afternoon naps, before supper naps, and 10 hours of sleep at night. Haha!

Anyways, it was alright. We were ‘interviewed’ by her colleague. I’m glad for all the sales experience I’ve had in all my temp jobs thus far.

After that we headed back to the west, and I was kinda upset cos Chaoyi didn’t say that he wanted to eat with me. 😦 I mean, I eat with him everyday right? And just cos I was back late on one night, he didn’t want to eat with me? 😦

But no lah, he didn’t say he didn’t want to eat with me (though he didn’t say that he wanted to eat with me either).  That sounded like a tongue-twister. Anyways. In the end, after I got upset for nothing, he said that he’d eat with me at the usual place. Heh. Can you imagine my elation at that point in time? Hehe. From upset to elated within a 1-minute span.


I feel good this morning. I had a breakfast of a small pau, and half a grapefruit. Had 2 cups of cafe mocha from the pantry. The coffee machine rocks.

Black coffee? Press 1. Cappucino? Press 2. Cafe Mocha? Press 3. And so on and so forth.

It doesn’t taste too bad either. No where near gourmet coffee, of course, but not bad, really. Not bad.

When there’s coffee, life is good.

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