Posted by: incywincy | March 7, 2006

Blogging about blogging

I’m supposed to blog about the Penang trip. I’ve been promising Chaoyi that I would, for ages – since last week. But I just haven’t gotten down to doing it. Boo. Procrastinator.

There are just so many pictures that I feel so lazy to blog. Last night, I finally started work on it, by resizing all the photos, then uploading them onto Photobucket. Haven’t started writing the post yet, but everything will be done by tonight.

I actually am bogged down with work at the office. A whole stack of papers await me. I just don’t feel like starting on them. Feeling abit lazy because I just finished typing out 5 pages of stuff on Excel spreadsheet. *yawns* Everyone’s gone for lunch, I’m probably one of the only few left in the office now, because I’m not hungry. Will go for a late lunch later.

This morning, I was supposed to come to the office late because I needed to go to SAO (NTU admin office) to hand in copies of my certificates. But Chaoyi let me sleep in a little longer, and take a leisurely hot shower. Instead, he went to SAO for me. So nice of him, right? Hehe. 🙂 Thank you. To express my utmost gratitude, I shall blog about Penang. Haha! 😛

Reached the office at 9:45am. *yawns* I’m so sleepy. But I shall start blogging…

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