Posted by: incywincy | March 6, 2006

The Quest for Ramly

Good morning! No Monday morning blues. I had a good weekend, despite earlier claims of being neglected. Haha.

I’m at the office already; finally established that I need to catch the 179 bus at 7:45am, and the 8:40am Suntec shuttle bus, to make it in time for work, with a few minutes to spare. So all is good. I hate rushing! Must make it a point to arrive early enough each morning to make myself a cup of coffee before starting the day. Coffee makes me perky!

Yesterday evening, Chaoyi and I headed down to Jurong East for some pasar malam-ing. Thanks to Lawrence and Azahar for the tip-off! I was asking everyone on MSN if they knew where the pasar malam was. Heh. I love the rubbish food that one can get at such places.

So anyway, Chaoyi insisted that we have a proper dinner at Canteen 1 before heading down to JE, because he said all the food there was junk. I disagreed but he won anyway. As usual. When we reached, we saw that Uncle Ringo was there! Haha. Wanted to go on the bumper car thing, but the place was so small and didn’t look that much fun. So we skipped it, and walked around buying little knick-knacks. I got two t-shirts, and he got three. It’s so amazing, they charge less for Small-sized t-shirts! Haha! The XL and L costs $10, the M costs $8, while the S costs $6. So I’m glad that I can wear S! Haha!

I bought White Rabbit sweets! So happy!

We went to the Jurong Regional Library after walking around abit. Borrowed three books while he was at the magazine section reading. I actually picked out about 10 books, but only had 3 slots, so I chose these:
Danielle Steel’s Leap of Faith
Danielle Steel’s Message from Nam
Nicholas Sparks’ Three Weeks with my Brother

I just finished Leap of Faith on the train this morning, and am continuing with Nights in Rodanthe, which I bought on Friday. I’m pretty sure Three Weeks is going to be slightly boring cos it’s actually classified under non-fiction, but I borrowed it anyway.

We went back to the pasar malam after that, and bought Ramly burgers! Yay! But the entire ordeal made the burgers not-so-nice.

We chose the stall with the most inexperienced (as we later found out) burger-flipper. This man not only had the world’s worst short term memory, but was uber slow as well. He kept asking what the orders were, when they were already explicitly told to him 2 minutes ago. He also couldn’t multi-task, nor take more than 1 order at a time.

When it came to our turn, Chaoyi was visibly impatient already, and truth be told, so was I. I told the burger-flipper that we wanted two beef burgers, one with chilli and one without. How difficult is that? But he went on to prepare 2 buns, both with chilli. I told him again that I wanted one without chilli. He said, “Oh ya.” Then continued flipping the burgers without changing the buns.

I told him again explicitly, “Encik, tadi saya kata nak satu dengan cili, lagi satu tak nak cili. Boleh tolong tukarkan roti tu?” (Mister, I said I want one with chilli and one without. Can you please change the bread?) and he looked at me with a look that said he didn’t really understand. I gave up and said, “Roti tu ada cili. Saya tak nak cili.” (That bread has chilli, I don’t want chilli.” Then he said, “Oh!” Like, wtf, right?

I figured he wouldn’t screw anything up anymore, so I was talking to Chaoyi and wasn’t paying attention to him anymore. Afterwards, he put mayo on the bread together with the chilli, and when I got home, I realised that my no-chilli burger had no mayo either. Totally dry! My god. How difficult is it to make 2 burgers?

It totally spoilt my Ramly burger experience. Bleah. And I was so craving it yesterday!

I want my Malaysian Ramlee burger! Boo.

And just because I feel like it, here’s a fresh just-taken-two-seconds-ago picture of me:

Haha! I think my hair is horribly messy today and I need to sleep more. The horrible eyebags! Yucks. I love my pearly chokers.


  1. i grew outta ramlys a long time ago, but maybe i’ve not tried the malaysian ones.

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