Posted by: incywincy | March 1, 2006

Pics and more pics!

We didn’t go for the last lecture today…

Me: Cannot skip! I will feel guilty if I let you skip lecture!
Chaoyi: Can! I will feel guilty if I let you starve!

Haha. He won lah. We went to eat lunch at Canteen 2, then he went for a haircut at the NTU barber shop!

Then I also decided to have a haircut!

This is a picture of me before the haircut. With horrible split-ends, fringe that was too long, dual-coloured hair (upper-half black, lower-half brown with streaks of blond due to decolourisation) and curls that had died. Horrible.

During the haircut… Lalala!

The backview after the haircut! No more split ends! No more multi-coloured hair!

The front. Short, huh?

Today I went to his room for the first time! Hah! Damn messy, just like mine. No wonder we’re such good friends. I didn’t take a pic, but I should have! Haha!

We went to Bugis in the late afternoon cos I had some overdue timesheets to hand in to the agency. Then we headed back to JP for makan. He bought new stuff… OP Slippers, Nike socks, bolster and casing… Zzz. This guy is always shopping. Why huh?! I’m the girl leh! Shouldn’t I be the one doing the shopping? 0_o Had Union Exco meeting just now. Boring. As usual. So much work to do! Argh.

Some random photos from my phone and his phone…

Our pet fish, named Fishie, aka Pet-02. He lives in Chaoyi’s phone.

Oh, btw, this is Pet-01, The Plant (not taken with HP camera). I bought this for him a few weeks ago. It’s actually very very small. Cute right? Haha! You can see how ‘big’ it is compared to a 20cents coin. Cute cuteee. I have great taste in choosing erm, plants.

ETA: Chaoyi just webcammed me to show me how big Pet-01 has grown. Look! It’s so tall now! I’m so proud of him cos he hasn’t killed it. Yet.

Me and Jess, during our last meet-up with Mikeller… The rest of the pix are in Mimi’s and Jessica’s camera. They have yet to send the pix to me.

My current MSN pic and HP wallpaper… Haha. I took this myself at a seafood restaurant that we ate at, at Feringghi Beach in Penang. I like my wind-swept hair! Haha!

Okay, gonna stop blogging now cos I’m feeling very pissed off about something.


  1. i where got always shop.. my allowance just come and i do need those things right!

    my previous slipper really slips, i only got 1 pair of ankle socks left and my last bolster passed away last september!

    yah i’m still awake, haha.

    oops, *run…*

  2. got leh.. u always buying things whn i go out w u. hrmm. or go n look for things to buy.. haha..

  3. omg that plant is so creepy…i can almost hear him go FEED ME! Seymour…FEED ME NOW! Feed me all night loooong…..!!! bloood! bloood! moooore!!! mooore!!! *and capgirl disappears into her own world again…*

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