Posted by: incywincy | March 1, 2006

Of threads, tarts and Tribune

Yeah! I’m starting work at Titan tomorrow, for a whole month! Yeay! 🙂

Anyways. I have decided that if I do get into NBS, I will run for a second term as Publication Officer of the NTU Students’ Union. I feel that Tribune could be a hell lot better. And with the past year’s experience, I can do so much more. That was the reason why I decided to run for a second term as Publicity Secretary of the JCRC last time. And my second term in office was much better, work wise (though not inter-committee relations wise) and I managed the committee better.

Well, that’s my pledge to the University. Haha! So please, someone, grant me an interview for admission already! Haha!

Lalala. I’m going for Lin Zhi Xuan’s campus concert tonight with Yali and Fu Tai. I’m so excited about meeting Yali again cos it’s been a long time since I last saw her and had a chat with her. Haha… I miss her. Gosh. *beams*

Earlier this afternoon I went out to meet Serene to collect some certs of mine. I met Rachel at Clementi MRT! And then I went to do eyebrow threading! OMG. It fucking hurt. I swear, when she started working on my eyebrow, I yelped and then started tearing. Gawd. But she’s so skillful. And threading is much faster than plucking. Plus cheap too. It’s quite interesting how they can use thread to remove hair. Haha. Still, it hurt like… *curses*

Lalala. Mummy made pineapple tarts for me. I’m so happy. *treasured box of pineapple tarts*

Yay! Chaoyi is Tribune‘s photog for the concert tonight. Tribune‘s. Yay. Haha!


  1. -.-”
    btw i always wanted to ask, what font r u using?
    how come the ‘ and ” looks so big.

  2. i haf no idea… =/

  3. It’s not a matter of font.

    It’s just that WordPress auto convert straight quotes to smart quotes. (Similar to what happens on Microsoft Word)

    Most fonts included straight and smart quotes in their library.

    BTW the font on this web site is Arial (as seen on PC). On Mac it would be Helvetica.

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