Posted by: incywincy | February 23, 2006

Bounce bounce!

We are going to Penang! *bounces* Yay! *bounces* We are going to Penang! *bounces* Lalala! *bounces*

Hehe. I am so happy!

Yesterday I met up with Jess and Mimi at Tiong Bahru. I arrived late, and got the venue wrong. So I alighted from the cab at the wrong place. Ended up having to walk over to the marketplace. Of course, according to Murphy’s law, which is always applicable to me in every situation, it just had to rain pour while I was crossing the road. I was in formal attire because I had to go for a seminar in the evening. White long-sleeved shirt, black skirt, heels, hair done up in a bun and all. And I ran in those heels. Damn the rain.

Went to the bus stop to seek shelter, then hailed a cab (again).

Me: Uncle, I want to go to Tiong Bahru market.
Driver: Huh? The one behind us?
Me: Yah. Raining lah.
Driver: Orh. Okay. *makes a u-turn*

Cost of cab ride: $2.40 … -.-“

We ate at the Tiong Bahru market food centre. Ordered alot of food, none of which were remotely delicious, and none of which we completely polished off the plates. Blah. So, been there, done that, Tiong Bahru marketplace food isn’t all that great.

We sat there and chatted for a really long time though. Eating there was quite enjoyable despite the substandard food. It’s been a long time since I ate at places like that. It was just bustling with activity, really. Hmm. I ordered food from this tze char stall. It was really very funny.

Lady at stall (in Canto): Leng loi seong sek meh ah? (What do you want to eat, girl?)
Me (flustered): Erm…
*Lady rattles off food items in Canto* (of which I didn’t understand much)
Me: Menu?
*She points to the board above my head, and I looked at it*
Me: But its in Chinese! *wails* I can’t read! 😦
*Lady laughs guffaws*
Lady (in English): Okay, here’s an English menu *hands me a piece of laminated cardboard*

Haha! Okay, I really should make more of an attempt to read Chinese. When I see many Chinese words, I just get turned off and don’t even wanna try. Urbs.

After lunch, we headed back to Tiong Bahru Plaza. Of course, it had to rain again! It’s me, I swear. It’s just me. The rain-laden clouds love me. So we got stuck at the same bus stop for quite some time, until it slowed down to a drizzle. Then we crossed the road and went to Coffee Bean for a drink. Afterwards, we all trooped off to Jurong Point Coffee Bean to meet Chaoyi. Heh.

After Mimi and Jess left, we walked around abit, and then met up with Melly aka Capgirl for a movie! We watched Jennifer Aniston’s Rumor Has It. It was quite funny, but in all honesty, Sarah Huttinger’s (Aniston) problems didn’t really amount to even a molehill. But Kevin Costner and Mark Ruffalo were hot. Haha! Jennifer Aniston’s getting old. But she still looked really good, especially in her ballgown. And Shirley MacLaine is one hot grandmomma! Haha. Mena Suvari (as Annie Huttinger) was super cute *bounce bounce* but abit overdone. All in all, the movie was a good laugh with some quoteworthy witty lines, but not worth much.

Went jogging with Chaoyi last night. Didn’t jog that far cos my ankle hurt. But we did some other exercises to make up for it. My arms hurt like hell now. So do my thighs! He’s a tyrant. Bleh. We climbed up the stairs behind Student Services Centre, did some inclined push-ups, leg-lifts, sit-ups etc. Stretches. I like stretches.

I really want to sleep now. But Chaoyi is occupying my bed. Bleh.

Okay, I need to go and pack my bags for our Penang trip now! Leaving at 8.30pm tonight! *bounces*

ETA: I didn’t go for the seminar. Haha!


  1. did you do that whole illustration just for this post? crazy ah?

  2. hey babe, know u’re in penang now.. enjoy urself darling. i’m on my jet plane soooon. 😦

  3. capgirl: yah.. it wasnt that difficult lah.. haha.. i dint reali know how to explain also.. so the illustration helped to make it clearer? i hope. heh.

    jess: u muz b in brisbane now already.. talk to u whn u get online soon k. muahh.

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