Posted by: incywincy | February 21, 2006

Upcoming Penang trip

Yesterday was an exciting day. I did my laundry! Chaoyi said we are going to Penang! Heh. Penang is my hometown. Sort of. Okay, I was born there – never really lived there though. I don’t even remember the place much.

Anyway! Exciting prospect, isn’t it? I’m going to Penang! Hehe. Will be going with 2 others (his friends). Leaving on Thursday night after work, and will be back on Sunday morning.

Yesterday was supposed to be a study-day. But we ended up going to Chinatown to get his Visa done for the trip. It was such a tiring day yesterday. I slept on the bus – I probably shouldn’t have, though.

I’m working at Titan today (and Thursday). I feel like dying, really. Kill me! I didn’t sleep. I didn’t take my medication, and the sleep just didn’t come. Why?! *sighs* I really tried everything, from eating a heavy supper, to drinking hot Milo (tummy warm warm, should be able to sleep right?), to tiring myself out by doing the laundry, to reading, to skipping. By 5, I was starting to panic already. So I called Chaoyi and he read me a bedtime story. He started on one about pigs but I wanted fairies, princesses and magic. So he read me the story of The 12 Dancing Princesses. I was slightly drowsy by the end of it, and so I hung up and tried to sleep. To no avail. I tossed and turned, until my alarm clock rang at 7.15am. At least, I managed to close my eyes, though I was still quite conscious.

How do I explain that kind of semi-conscious state? I was still thinking, though less agitatedly, my eyes were shut and my brain partially shut down, but I was aware of every single movement in the room. I was thinking of several things, and I knew that I was thinking. I was consciously trying to block the thoughts out of my mind.

This is the 2nd night in a row. The night before, Chaoyi sat by my bedside and talked to me for a long time before I fell asleep. I’m getting too dependent. On the pills and on him. Well, at least his voice calms me down abit before bedtime.

I need to do something about this before we go to Penang, or I’ll be keeping everyone up for 2 nights.

This entry started out on a bright note, but the headache is killing me and it is affecting my mood very much. I want to go home. I’ve drawn 12 boxes on a piece of paper on my desk, and I am crossing one out every half an hour. 10 boxes to go. Kill me, someone.

ETA: Things aren’t that bad, actually. I was told today that I look slimmer. I’m wearing a pretty outfit. My parcel (I ordered some skirts from eBay) has arrived just this morning! Yays for me!


  1. you drug junkie you!

  2. haha as long as i get my sleep, i’ll do anything!

  3. BON voyage!

  4. bonjour!
    bonne nuit!
    bon appetit!
    bon voyage!

    haha. im so happy! *bounce bounce!*

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