Posted by: incywincy | February 20, 2006

Sunshine after the rain

Friday was a sad-sad-happy-happy-happy day. After moping around in my room for the entire afternoon, I went out to meet Cal for dinner. As usual, she’s late. I tried to be late by dilly-dallying but she was later than I was. I really bow down to her, Queen of lateness. She arrived 1hr 10mins after our pre-arranged meeting time! Haha. But it’s okay, I got myself a seat at the Holland Village TCC and ordered a drink while reading I.S. magazine.

When Cal arrived, I launched into the long and complicated story of what’s been happening to me. She’s the first and only person that I told the full story to. I don’t really wanna talk about it anymore. Anyways. TCC! I like the ambience at the Holland Village TCC. The server who attended to us was really polite and friendly as well. Thumbs up for the excellent service! Photos!

Calyn has a fetish for restaurant menus…

Main course: Dory fillet with apricot and hazelnut sauce 

Dessert: Mango pudding and peanut cookie


Darling Calyn

The blurred pic which Cal likes

The clear one… But somehow not so nice, Haha!

After dinner, we talked and walked around abit, then Cal went home and I met up with Chaoyi. He had supper at BK, then we took a bus back to Boon Lay. I think. I can’t really remember. After that, I think we went to get his bike, and he walked me back to Hall. Oh! We found a secret garden. Our secret garden. Heh. Happy lalala.

Saturday was Impressario day. Woke up really late, then was deciding if I wanted to go. In the end, I went, and I was really quite jealous cos Chaoyi was shooting for another newspaper. Bleah. Next time it won’t happen again, ya? Anyways, I sat with Alicia and her friend Patricia, after some erm, string-pulling and name-dropping. Ha. Abusing power. Bad bad bad. I quite enjoyed Impresario this year. Last year’s programme was badly done, this year’s was better. The emcees were more entertaining too. After that, we headed back to Boon Lay, and ate BreadTalk! Abit different, hehe. Also didn’t go walk-walk cos Chaoyi was too tired. So we slept early. Lalala.

Sunday was supposed to be a study-day but someone woke up so late, then he said that we’re going out to eat with his friend Justin! Yay. I was really elated because it’s been quite a long time since someone brought me out to play. I was also quite touched cos he’s bringing me to meet his “other best friend”! I was like feeling smug about that phrase, “other best friend”, then he said that his best friends are his laptop and his camera. 😦 -heartbroken-

Took a pic before I left my room. Hah. Narcissistic. See the pretty pretty choker? My best friend give me one leh! Special special. I like. I was feeling very happy. My nick read: 今天有人带我出去玩? Hee…

Hehe. We went to that same restaurant that we went to after the Yanzi concert last month! Justin was already there when we arrived.

Food! Yummy. It’s so much nicer than the usual steamboat we eat. I like the sauces. I like mutton. I like prawns! Chaoyi peeled prawns for me. Hah! I like. And I peeled a prawn all by myself, using a pair of chopsticks! -smug- Can you do that?

Justin 🙂

Chaoyi and me 🙂

After we were full, we got quite bored and Chaoyi started playing with the food. Haha. Can you see the face? And it’s having fever, supposedly, so there’s a fever pack on his head. -.-“

We took bus 67, then bus 174 and then bus 199 back to Hall. I probably never took so many buses in a day before. He likes bus rides. I don’t know why. Anyways, we walked up to the secret garden again, but we got stopped. Apparently it’s also a restricted secret garden. Heh. But I don’t think it’s gonna stop us from going there again. I like it there. So exciting. We were hiding from the campus security personnel. They sent people out to search for us! To make sure we didn’t go back there! So exciting. I’ve never felt like a ‘wanted criminal’ before. Haha!

I like our nightly walks. I like the cooling night breeze. I like the chats we have. 🙂 Afterwards, we came back to my room and he was nice enough to wait for me to shower and put me to bed before leaving. Heh. I love it when someone sings to me or tells me stories before I fall asleep. Thank you.


  1. It seems that I’m … exposed.

  2. J: i’m a blogger. bloggers take photos and blog abt them. hehe. i like. thank you for a memorable evening. 🙂

  3. the soup face looks like a totem pole.

  4. i dint know what was a totem pole and i had to google it. hehe! 🙂 but yah i agree now. it looks like a totem pole!

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