Posted by: incywincy | February 15, 2006

In School

Yup, I’m finally in school, and I’m at the library! After a long absence from school (and my blog), it feels kinda awkward.

Maybe I should first update about the mundane li’l things – the things that’ve happened in the last few days.

Hmm. I left off on Saturday. I went for the Exco’s CNY dinner at Sherwe’s. Brought Nankai with me. I was quite happy during the dinner. We had steamboat (I didn’t eat much cos I really don’t like steamboat) Oops. Anyways. After that, we cleaned up together (except for those guys who are the male chauvinist kind, bleah) and started playing Black Jack. Lost a few bucks, nothing major. Most of them lost quite abit to Kaixiang, who won more than $40 bucks that night.

Went back to hall, then got a message from Chaoyi, and impulsively hopped onto a cab to his hall. Stayed there really long. Just chatting. 4 hours? I don’t think I ever stayed out that late, really.

On Sunday, got woken up by Sherwe’s phone call. Sorta spoiled my day cos we were discussing work – an issue that I wasn’t happy about. Went out with Chaoyi to buy a birthday present for his friend Jacklin, then I was supposed to meet Melly, but I was in a lousy mood, I was whining about my headache non-stop. Then Chaoyi took pity on me and adopted me for the evening, and brought me to Jacklin’s birthday bbq at East Coast. Haha. I whined all the way there. Whine and whine and whine. I whined while we were walking to Pit 12 from Long Beach restaurant. I whined when we reached. Hah.

His friend was very nice to me. Hmm. We took a walk on the beach. It was full moon. Really romantic nice. Haha. Sat on the beach, and chatted. There were fireworks nearby, marking the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations. I think I told him more that night, and over the next few days, that I ever told any friend. Hmm. Mistake? Like this, I’m vulnerable. Right?

Monday morning I met up with Mommy again at Jurong East MRT station! Yays! Spent a whole afternoon with her. She has this fractured toe, but the amount of energy this woman has in her is amazing. She walks and walks and walks. We did some ‘shopping’. Sort of. We shopped around for banks. Haha! Had lunch. I like. Went to JE library. I like! 🙂

After I got back to Hall, went to meet Chaoyi at South Spine. Then had Tribune delivery. Lalala. Fun. But so tiring. After that we went to watch Fearless. It was an Okay-movie, nothing fantastic. Maybe people have been telling me how good the movie is that I expected alot more from it. But there wasn’t much of a story line in it.

Kid witnesses father’s ‘defeat’, wants revenge. Grows up, gets revenge. Is a big-headed, MCP ass. Suffers loss of family (defeat). Retreats into seclusion. Attains enlightenment ala Buddha. Comes back, finishes what he has to do (set up the Wushu association) and then dies of poisoning.

Lalala. After the movie, we had supper, then we went to play piano. I can’t really play anymore. I know you don’t forget things like that, but my playing is far from fluent now. Auntie Pat would faint or get a heart attack if she saw me play now. Haa… Hmm. I cried on Monday night. Alot. 想起以?的事. Sad. I was throwing tantrums and I was being stubborn. Stayed out till 6plus, and went back exhausted.

Woke up on Tuesday at 3.30pm. We had dinner at Canteen 4, then supper at the place near CHC. Then had paddlepop ice cream! Yay. I like rainbow paddlepop. 🙂 If I can eat paddlepop regularly I would be a happy girl. I’m just like a little girl. So easily satisfied, so easily amused.

So I wasted Tuesday. I didn’t do anything at all. Hmm. It was Valentine’s Day. Nothing special to me – this year’s the first year that I spent Valentine’s Day alone. It’s commercial, it doesn’t mean anything. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I still remember all the past Valentine’s. The one that meant most to me because it was the first time he put in so much effort for a date with me, but also the one that turned out to be the most worthless. The one where I spent the entire day sick in bed, and my then-boyfriend spent the entire day in Hall with me. He brought me roses, a doggie, a Swatch V-day edition watch, porridge, and medicine. Then he slept next to me and I just rested the whole day. I remember the first V-day as a mere kid. He gave me chocolates and the class teased me about it. But it was sweet. What do li’l couples do? They just hold hands and buy ice cream. 🙂

This year I spent V-day with a friend. Which is something I didn’t even expect. Because everyone has their own plans on V-day. He brought a present for me. 🙂 谢谢你… It means alot to me, everything that we shared in our friendship thus far.

Today I’m at Lee Wee Nam Library. Just doing nothing. Reading. Blogging. Reading. Blogging. Walking around Welfare Fest (not that big a deal as they made it out to be). Chaoyi bought a printer. He’s supposed to share it with me! But he says he’ll share with me if I get into NBS. -.-“

Am going for dinner now. Be back later! Ta!


  1. your ‘in sch’ is in NTU, not NIE.
    dun let ppl misunderstand thought you are studying…

  2. oh yah.. forgot to write mah.. im in NTU lib.. accompanying some idiot who has 3 quizzes tmr but stil dowan to study. i wonder who.

  3. looks like u dont need other friends.

  4. harlow darling!!! I’m just tagging you from work.. grinz.. Miss you babe, I’m leaving next week already.. 😦

  5. Privet Kamradi.Mutobor

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