Posted by: incywincy | February 11, 2006


I feel like I’ve been thru yet another break-up, except that this is a friend-friend break-up. He’s the last person that I thought would ever hurt me in this way, but he did. It all started out with an innocent question, “Are you going for the dinner later?” and the replies I got in return somehow led to “I think you’re being too sticky as a friend.”

He said that we hang out too much, spend too much time together, that we are seen too often together in public, and that I’m too dependent on him. He said, this way, everyone already thinks that there’s something going on between us, and it will be virtually impossible for him to meet any girls.

I’ve known him for seven years. My senior-junior, my elder brother. And now he says I should keep my distance. *heartbroken* I never thought he’d ever hurt me like this. 7 years of friendship. And now, because of a girl…? (u)


  1. hmm.. sounds 酸酸的哦?

  2. that’s just a stab in the heart. sigh.
    one day he’ll regret losing you.

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