Posted by: incywincy | February 5, 2006

Medicine tastes horrible

Sick sick sick. Horrible day. My head was pounding from the insides and felt like it was going to explode anytime. But still, I went out to collect some stuff for Tribune at Bugis, then dropped by Suntec to collect my Yanzi stuff. Yay. Lots of new Yanzi stuff.

I'm still lacking of one album – The Moment. I don't know where is the copy that I bought. I must have lent it to someone and forgot all about it.

Haven't eaten a proper meal all day cos I've got no appetite. After I got back to Hall, Chaoyi came over and brought me medicine. Eh, Thank You! 🙂 好感动哦! But the medicine tastes horrible. Especially the lozenges. They totally numb my mouth. Good hunger-suppressant! Bleh.

Fever's gone now, headache's not as bad, but my nose is still runny and I'm still coughing, and the sorethroat is possibly worse now cos I ate junk food. Well, there's nothing else to eat! 😦


  1. hey! ur blog’s blue now! haha. n yesh in e absence of blog posts ive taken to noticing everything else 😀 n hey hope ur feeling better =P

  2. Get well soon…you Yanzi fanatic you…

  3. hahaha. im lazy to blog. still sick, but not as bad as before.. wil try to blog tmr if im reali sooo bored. haha.

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