Posted by: incywincy | February 5, 2006

Ill again

Hi everyone! It’s been 3 days since I last blogged – I’ve been working at Ngee Ann Poly Open House (SingTel roadshow) and it’s been really boring. The West Mall people were there. I don’t like the two guys there! So dao! There was this pretty girl called Lynette who was nice, though. And the Sony Ericsson girls. The other promoters from our agency were H and K. I don’t like them. One is fucking bossy and sarcastic and makes stupid comments, the other one is just plain irritatingly dumb and makes dumb comments all the time (I think he should consider keeping his mouth shut cos if he doesn’t talk, he could pass for acceptable). There were two nice flyer/sandwich-board boys on the first two days. One’s called Aaron, the other was called… I-can’t-remember. I talked to Aaron more often. They’re so young and fresh and energetic and optimistic. 🙂 It does one good to hang around people like that sometimes.

On the first day, I had lunch with Ruikun. We spent some time catching up, eating at the cafe (beef stew, haha) and then he walked me back to the booth before he left. It was nice talking to him. I feel that he’s changed somehow. Now he’s more matured and works harder at school. Which is great – I’m happy for him. Everything seems to be falling nicely into place for him. 🙂 School, work, relationships.

We didn’t do else much at work. I read all the Sony Ericsson brochures in detail and am so proud of myself. Usually I hate this task (reading all the phone brochures) but force myself to do it anyway, for the sake of work. When I was working at West Mall Hello shop, I’d bring home stacks of ’em to read. It’s good to be able to answer customers’ questions and know what to say, what kind of features of the phone to highlight, when meeting with different types of customers.

I fell ill on the second day, but I still went to work cos I already woke up late, and it was too late to get replacement. I didn’t want to work on the third day (I decided this about 10 minutes after I started work on Day 2) so I called a few people to ask them to replace me. Apparently some of them jumped-ship and joined some other agency. Traitors! But better for me, I can get more assignments, and can pull some of my friends in as well, to work with me. Heh. I called XY but she didn’t answer, and didn’t return my call. I really hoped she could cover for me cos she lived nearby. Ho well.

Then H asked me if I want him to find a replacement for me, cos his friend wants to work. Then *ta-dah!* I felt abit better already and decided to work tomorrow. I’m damn mean. I hate him so I don’t want to give him the benefit of bringing his friend in. What if his friend is as horrible as he is? Well, H is going to the army soon (about time too!) so I shan’t be working with him for much longer. Hah!

Anyways, the two nice flyer/sandwich-board boys couldn’t work on the third day, so they asked me to get them replacements, and I did. I called Chaoyi and then the rest of my phonebook. -.-“ I had run out of tall guys to call (you need to be tall cos the sandwich boards are long). I ran through the list about 5 times, maybe. Then on the (possibly) 6th time, I started scanning the names of my girl friends instead, trying to remember their boyfriends. Haha! Finally reached Peiyu’s name and thought of Wenjin! Hah! So obvious, right! Called him, and he agreed to work. Yay!

On the second day, I had lunch with Shwu Huey! Yeah! I miss you, girl! Heh. I love meeting up with her, so much to talk about. She was super nice to go all the way to NTU to drop off my Recruitment Competition documents for me cos I was at work till 6pm, and it was due was at 4pm. Thank you soooo much, Huey. I treated her to dinner after work. We ate the tze char at the CHC hawker centre (it’s good!) and I was happy and full afterwards. We walked back towards NTU (her home is very near NTU Yunnan Garden!) and then went to Hall 4 to talk some more. We sat at one of the stone tables downstairs cos I didn’t want to go back to the room. Must really meet up more often since we live so nearby. She’s going to NBS next semester, so I really hope I get in too! If lucky, we could even end up classmates again! Haha.

The third day, I woke up with a terrible sore throat but I dragged myself to work anyway. Went with Chaoyi and Wenjin. Nothing much happened. I was sorta stoned the entire day cos I was feeling so ill. The weather went from sunny to rainy and that didn’t help. I had a terrible sore throat, and downing water every 3 minutes didn’t make it any better either. Had a hotdog sandwich for breakfast, then a ham sandwich for lunch. But one thing that made me feel better on Day 3 was that I had friends with me. It’s been a long time since I worked with friends. Well, I had one friend who used to work with me, but are we still friends? And she doesn’t work anymore, anyway.

Got back to Hall, and washed up, then switched on my computer to watch The Promise. Cecilia Cheung isn’t irritating in this movie. The first time ever, probably. Nic Tse is such a pretty boy! And their Mandarin all very cacat. Why ah? Is it cos two of the main cast are Korean and Japanese? Anyway, I thought the movie was okay, though very unrealistic. But hey, it’s supposed to be – the genre is drama, fantasy. I fell asleep after watching the movie, and then woke up at about 3am. So I’m blogging. I’m feeling very ill now. Flu, fever, and I’m shivering even with a thick jacket on.

*sighs* I have less than 24 hours. I want to enjoy my day all alone here. I don’t want to be ill! But I am. My fever is 38.3 now.

Oh, and hey. Look what I found at Ngee Ann Poly.

A drunk? Haha.


  1. you are becoming more evil you know that!

  2. so cute mah. hahaha.

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