Posted by: incywincy | January 30, 2006

CNY 2006

It’s only the 2nd day of CNY and I am already so so so bored! 我好闷啊…怎么办? 😦 There really is nothing to do except stuff your face with CNY goodies – cookies, bak kwa, mandarin oranges and whatnot. So far, I’ve been eating, eating, hmm, eating and wow, eating! Aiee. I must go jog this evening. Must must must.

Mom just finished cooking, and setting up the ancestors’ altar. Apparently on the 2nd day, we must pray first before lunch. It’s the first time I lit a joss stick in a long time. Haha. The huge amount of joss sticks stuck in the urn is making my eyes tear. Bleah.

I can’t wait for lunch. The food looks yummy. Haha! Anyways, I’m still in my pyjamas. I can’t be bothered to dress up since no one is coming anyway. We don’t have relatives in JB. We took some pics yesterday:

The three of us in our new garb. I like the skirt. My Mom bought it for me.

This is something we do every CNY. Haha! There are many other funny variations, but it’s too embarassing to post them up here. Haha! This one is decent. We took them to send to Elaine, mainly.

Me and Serene. I like this pic. Haha…

I have no plans for today. I’m probably going back to Hall tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. I can’t decide. As usual. I’m going to work at Ngee Ann Poly from Thursday to Saturday, so I think I will see Serene then. I’m planning to give Mom the letter, breaking the news to her about me quitting school, and I think I will know from Serene how things are at home. Urbs. Let’s not think about it now.

The smoke from the dratted joss sticks are making me sneeze like mad.


  1. hey babe, u gonna work at NP frm thur – sat? Gimme a buzz..can lunch with u!

  2. hey.. sure. 🙂 i will be working near the Lifestyle Library.. wherever that is.. haa.. see u then! heh.

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