Posted by: incywincy | January 29, 2006

Yanzi’s SK Jewellery TVC

Recently, local bling-bling company, SK Jewellery, announced Yanzi as their new ambassador. TODAY newspaper carried a report on their new campaign:


And then the TVC was launched! Yanzi is so pretty and positively radiating Sunshine!

Download the video here!

Haha! Exciting stuff. I've been watching the TVC over and over again on my computer. But I have yet to watch it on TV. It seems that the more I watch for it, the more likely I am to miss it. *sighs* Apparently there's the Chinese version now too. But I haven't seen it either. O well.

ETA: I tried streaming the video here using YouTube, but failed. Can someone teach me? 😦

ETA: Holy moly! I forgot to dye my hair! Argh! I've been meaning to, to get a bright red like YZ's on the cover of 完美的一天! 😦


  1. Haha Daphne, looks like u really crazy over Yanzi!!!! Yar, she looks really pretty in the commercial. There’s this newcomer by the name of Guo Mei Mei at Warner, and I heard her album has gone platinium in Taiwan! Argh…but of course her vocals is nowhere near Yanzi’s.

  2. according to their faq, youtube only accepts .avi, .mov and .mpg. and max 100mb. you have to convert the file. WinAVI video converter should do the trick, though I haven’t tried it. Sounds good though.

    and btw, youtube rocks.

    is that guo mei mei the one who sang the dumb cockroach numa numa?

  3. Bohchap: GMM is so irritating! Bleh. Nowadays the market is really just looking for ‘cute-ness’. Blah.

    Capgirl: Okay I’ll try it, thanks babe! Heh. And yes, GMM is the one who sang tt irritating song.. Haa.. So gross rite?

  4. i keep seeing her in commercials. not bad la, typical cute girl starting out. looks really familar though. her other songs sound familar too.

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