Posted by: incywincy | January 25, 2006

A big big thank you to ZCY!

It’s almost 4am on a weekday night, and I don’t have to go to work/school the next morning. My life rocks, really.

I’m supposed to go home later this morning, but there’s this Recruitment Competition briefing that I’m supposed to attend tomorrow evening. I think I’d better go! So my journey home will be postponed to Thursday morning. Or maybe I can go home after the briefing tomorrow. But I’m not sure what time it ends. Urbs. It starts at 6pm, though. Hopefully I can catch the last bus back to JB. Will rush, will rush.

So that leaves me with more time to pack up to go home tomorrow, and I can also drop by SAC to pick up some stuff that I need to bring home with me.

This evening, we had phototaking for all the Students’ Union subcomms, and the semi-independent committees. We started at about 7.30pm, and managed to stick to the schedule to end at 10.30pm, so it was quite successful, I must say. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything in Union go according to the schedule planned. So I really must congratulate myself on my excellent coordinating skills, which included yelling at people to get themselves in order. Lol. Seriously. Some people have no sense of urgency at all.

There was this particular group – one of them was late. Just one member, yes. And she slowly strolled in. OMG. I wanted to slap her, can! And people just kept stalling ignoring me. When I said, “Directors, please take your seats in front!” everyone just stood rooted at the places that they were standing, and stared blankly at me. I know I’m short, but hey, I think my voice makes up for it! Haha. So why can’t they follow my instructions? Even if they can’t see me, they’d be able to hear me, right? Bleah.

Hmm, today I really have to thank my dearest photographer best subcommer, Chaoyi, for doing such a wonderful job of taking all the photos for all the committees. I know he was really really tired after not having slept for the last dunno-how-many-hours but he didn’t complain at all, and he was super patient. Thank you! You’re really a life-saver! 🙂

Of course, I must also mention that while he is a very dedicated photographer, he is also uber talented! See here! (And please see the super nice Yanzi photos!) So I’m really happy to have him on my Tribune team, whose photography team, without him and a couple of others, would be truly dysfunctional.

After the phototaking today, Alex and I walked all the way from SAC to Hall 10 to collect something from his junior. Then we walked all the way back to Hall 4. That means that we walked around the entire school! Gosh. Anyways, I managed to fulfil the daily quota of taking at least 10,000 steps everyday. In fact, I walked a total of 12,517 steps today! Yay! And I dropped by to see Yali while I was at Hall 10! Heh. Yali was my roomie back in Year 1.


Talking about roomies, I really miss Xiaoyun! It’s been over a week since my new roomie, Huiying, moved in, but I still miss Xiaoyun. Not that there’s anything wrong with Huiying – she’s very nice too, very thoughtful and caring, and she always checks on me to see if I have eaten my meals (not that I do, even with her nagging) but I know that she does so because Xiaoyun asks her to! I miss Xiaoyun… She was here tonight to get her fridge, and when I got back, she’d left already. When Huiying told me, I felt tears well up in my eyes. I dunno why, but I just miss her that much…

Anyways, I’ve made a major decision in the last couple of days. That is, to apply to Nanyang Business School in NTU. I’m hoping to get into the Business degree and to major in HR/Marketing. Of course, my A level grades don’t cut it, so I’m doing this. I really hope to get in, cos I really really can’t bear to leave NTU. I’m also applying to SMU, but though I’d be happy to get into just any Business course, I’ll be truly heartbroken if NTU doesn’t want me, and SMU takes me in, instead! Cos I know I’ll really get a culture shock if I go to SMU. I realised that I really can’t go to KL (unless of course, I have no choice), cos as much as I’m ‘sick of the life in Singapore’, or am ‘ready for a change’, I already am too much rooted in Singapore. It’s the place where I first gained independence, and so, is the place I’ve ‘grown up’ in.

As much as I hate being so rooted here, I have to admit that I’m already too comfortable to leave… I’ve spent the last 7 years here; I have so many people here that I can’t bear to leave.

Anyway, nothing is confirmed yet. I need to work on my application and get as many credible references to write me as many appraisal forms as possible. No idea how I’m gonna get that done, but I have a few people in mind already. Just need to find out more – maybe I’ll drop by the Student Services Centre in the morning.

Which means I really should be in bed, right now. And I should try not to think about the humongous pile of work for Tribune that awaits me. Nor of the fact that my team is not functional without me. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I wish they were, I want them to be, but I just can’t hand over like this. I can’t.

It’s really causing me sleepless nights…


  1. babe.. everyday during work i check ur blog. and i’m jealous i don’t get to msn during work! haha they are meanos. but anyway, i’m glad that your life is fufilling. =D Really enjoy reading ur entries and often wish that I can write like you do. Anyway take care babe..


  2. jess: heh at least u can stil use internet la…! lol. better than nothing la hehe. n u say until i *blush blush* shy le.. haha.. i write nothing special la.. 🙂 *blush blush* im going home soon for CNY! u tk care too k babe. luv ya!

  3. haha u ah.. blush what blush sia.. can write well is can write well =D grinz.. you take care.. and Happy New Year to you too! ENjoy ur break…


  4. hm ok nice decision. hope you get in. with all your school participation, it shouldn’t be that difficult. 🙂

  5. capgirl: Thank you! I hope everything goes in my favour too. Heh.

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