Posted by: incywincy | January 20, 2006

Do not mess with YZ!

This is a picture of an ST journalist (MMS) with Sharon Au in Japan.


But she messed with Yanzi in that awful ST report (16 Jan 2006) about the concert.


  1. let’s pray that you dun have a photo of mine…

  2. i haf…!! remember the one we took together at yanzi’s concert…? n also the one i took of u at the steamboat restaurant place.. 🙂 muahahahahahahaa.

    this is chaoyi, a tribune photographer.

    but he broke his promise abt not defecting before march.

    haha. so u better be good good ok.

  3. hey, how can you!

    ok i’m not leaving tribune before march, did i ever say i will?

    i’m just a photog.. and photog dun like to be exposed!

  4. hahaaa jus making sure ma.. anyways.. i m jus making a ‘sample’ of an entry tt i might post if u don’t keep the promise. ahahahaha. shit im reali damn evil..

  5. yes you are, and you are like checking your blog for replies every hour or so…

    time to slp.. zzz. (dose the ‘zzz’ remind you of anything?)

  6. hahaha i like being evil. yesterday someone told me i was evil, n then he said… 你的心那么毒,肯定?是拜佛得… so bad rite.. haha..

    i nvr check every hr lah. just.. every 1/2 hr. yups. haha..

    zzz (snoring bear) hehe!

  7. and eh. why are u checking my blog so obsessively too?

  8. coz i know you might reply me at any second…

  9. wah.. practising voodoo ar? cool.. 😉

  10. *nod head*

    yes, don mess with YZ… 🙂

  11. chaoyi: dun bluff la. i know u chk my blog obsessively.. wahha. 😉 

    weichiang: yah. im now making a voodoo doll of u.

    yizheng: yanzi!! not yizheng.. haha.

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