Posted by: incywincy | January 19, 2006

Working @ NUS

I am so so so so so so bored at work. Now at NUS (Science Fac) computer lab with Lala. It’s my lunchtime. I hate working here cos the place is just so stuffy and so hot. And there are so many people here. I hate crowds, I really do. And I’ve been working for 8 days straight, no rest. To quote Chaoyi, even full-time employee also work 5 days a week.

*sighs* I have one more day here tomorrow, and weekend at Orchard, I think. After that, I think I owe myself a break. I’ll not accept any more job assignments until I’m fully rested. I am really not looking forward to working at Orchard because it’s going to be damn horrible, with the pushing crowd and the stupid questions.

In short, I hate crowds. Alot. After a roadshow I usually hide in my room for a few days to get over the trauma. Looking forward to that very much. I’m tired. I really haven’t had enough sleep for quite some time already. Yesterday was absolutely horrid.

After a Union Council meeting on Tuesday evening (during which I blew my top cos they are so so damn freaking unreasonable), I went out for supper with Chaoyi cos I couldn’t sleep (possibly cos I was too upset), and came back to my room at 5.30am. Slept for 2.5hours, then headed down to NUS to work. Thank goodness, though, the place wasn’t crawling with people yesterday.

I think I’m someone who gets upset extremely easily. Take for example the Union Council meeting – just because I felt that we were wasting time discussing things that we can’t change, and because the President made my photographer wait for 1.5 hours, I got damn pissed off and walked out of the meeting room. Who do they think they are? Union Exco and Council aren’t Gods, and the subcommers aren’t mere mortals. They have no right to make people wait like that. They should have just halted the meeting, taken the photo, and then sent him on his way, instead of wasting other people’s time, especially when he was doing us a favour! As I’ve said before, success isn’t measured by power, but rather, the respect you command from others. If this is the way you’re gonna handle matters, then you’re a failure.

Then Alex reprimanded me after the meeting, and I got so upset that I cried – he’s never scolded me before; none of them ever have. And I don’t think I was wrong.

Bleah. Back to work.


  1. you’re just not good at hiding your emotions that’s all…

  2. it gets me into a lot of trouble, it does.. tsk tsk.

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