Posted by: incywincy | January 19, 2006


I honestly hate working in NUS for the very reason that transportation is a nightmare, if not anything else. It's a problem getting there in the morning cos the buses are always packed. Ditto in the evening when you're trying to go home. It's horrible when all you want to do is get home, take a hot shower and tumble into bed to read your book, and instead, you have to squeeze onto 95 with 2 million other students. I know it's probably the same thing for students in NTU trying to take the 179, but hey, I live in Hall. Haha.

Thank goodness for Hall and internal shuttle buses.

By the time I reached Boon Lay this evening (after squeezing onto the MRT too) I had lost my appetite for food already. It wandered off at some point in time between having to stand in the MRT for 10 minutes at Buona Vista cos of a train fault, and smelling people's smelly sticky sweaty bodies stuck together in the train. Ugh.

So I skipped dinner again. Today is really a horrible day for me. The crowd, oh god, the crowd. Body odour, bad breath, cigarette smoke, stupid questions – I have to endure it all. But I must say that today I felt slightly flattered (though it was a bad day to choose to do this) :

Guy: 这个手机是多少?
Me: $198 *feeling irritated cos the price was on the brochure*
Guy: 有 3G 功能的吗?
Me: 有啊…
Guy: 可以照相的吗?
Me: 可以啊…
Guy: 我可以申请这一个学生计划吗?
Me: 可以啊…
Guy: 我可以要你的电话号码吗?
Me: Huh?! *flustered*


Today I had lunch with Stella, yesterday with Ben – you know, my ex. I have to say that I realised how much I miss him. But well, after the rotten things I've done to him, I'm just thankful that we're still friends. He called me up a couple of weeks ago, just to chat. It felt surprisingly good.

Today, hmm… Today I very nearly fainted in NUS. 😦 I think I was too tired. I need to sleep more.

Anyway. It's been 2 days since this particular person totally hijacked my mind. It's driving me mad. I need to stop obsessing – the mere thought of it is too absurd! But then, it's been quite some time since I last had a crush on someone *giggles* So it's kinda fun too.

In other news, I built a Yanzi shrine today in my corner of the room. Tadah!

The big one is of her new album, A Perfect Day, while the smaller one is actually an advertisement – I didn't know that she endorses Lexmark printers! It's just become my favourite brand of printers! Haha!


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