Posted by: incywincy | January 17, 2006

Work @ RP

This is my fourth day here at Republic Polytechnic’s Open House. I haven’t learnt anything (it’s my personal mission to learn one new thing a day) except how to seal plastic bags containing popcorn (which doesn’t really take much effort to ‘learn’. And I don’t even work for them (I work for SingTel). And I met this horrible guy from SMU, a sophomore called David who thinks he is damn cool and intelligent. He says that I have a lack of common sense – something that I have an abundance of (he obviously just can’t see it cos he is too full of himself).

hi this is that cute smu guy she is rambling about. someone as blind and as dumb as her cant possibly see my charms thus she remains oblivious to it. and she is always lazing around. have u seen a girl who fell asleep on a plastic chair in full view of everyone while working? she is the one. ntu undergrad… if thats the standard of student ntu produces, i shudder to think what a full generation of ntu grads can do the economy and our society. staying in far flung swampy boonlay has obviously clouded their judgement and turn them into walking imbeciles.. but fret not, cause there are cute and charming and cool and intellingent smu grads like me who can help balance their deficiencies and make singapore a better place. you know why? cos we are different! smu grads are different.

I want to defend myself but in all honesty, I really did fall asleep on a plastic chair in full view of everyone during working hours cos I was so tired on the day after the Yanzi concert. Haha. It doesn’t matter what other people think of me cos I love Yanzi! Totally irrelevant, I know, but who cares. Haha. Anyway SMU people think they are helluva great (not!) so let’s just leave them be. They’re different cos, oh, I don’t know. Maybe they have three nipples or warty buttocks (we just don’t know it and can’t confirm it cos we can’t see them). *shrugs* And they can’t spell. So intellingent, these SMU people. Haha.

The last few days have been slack at work, and hectic in the evenings. Saturday evening was Yanzi’s concert, Sunday evening my new roomie moved in, Monday evening Tribune distribution. Tonight, there’s Union Council meeting. I bet it’s gonna last till past midnight again, cos everything just drags on and on and on. I have half a mind not to go tonight, cos I want to meet Adam for dinner.

My boring job is to promote SingTel’s V-day promos and downloads, plus the Student Plan, to non-existent RP Open House-goers. There really is literally no one here, except for the people who tend the booths, and the students who have organized the Open House (distinguished by these ugly bright green tees that they wear).

More later. Last day of work warrants photo-taking. 🙂


  1. did you get my V-day link message on yahoo? if not, check out Christine’s blog. help spread the word around yeah? cheers.

  2. why wld i need to buy roses on v-day? for myself? haha no thanks. i’m not that loser-ish! hahaha..

    but in any case, if anyone wants to buy roses for me, pls go to


  3. Haha, I think that slogan “We’re different” or whatever is a marketing gimmick. That guy you mention really sound cocky. He thinks he’s so great, but to us, he’s a SUPER MORON! Muahahahahaha.

  4. ahahaha i’m from smu but i’m not a moron like him! lol… think alot of ppl are like that… just have to ignore them i guess…

  5. howahh! pls dun start a ntu-smu war. haha… david n i were jus joking about each others’ schools. tho i do think that “we’re different” is such a marketing gimmick, as bohchap says. heh..

    i actuali think david is a nice guy, so there. 🙂 no hard feelings yea.

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