Posted by: incywincy | January 17, 2006

What’s going on?

This must be the worst issue of Tribune that I’ve ever come up with, and I guess that’s why SAO likes it. I just received an email praising me for the good work (Read: No controversial issues, it seemed like we were on SAO’s side with that report on the “new rates for new halls”, and we didn’t reveal their ugly stuff, so what’s not to like?). I hate the issue so much that I never want to lay eyes on it ever again.

Strange isn’t it, what pleases them most is what displeases me most? This issue has no content at all except for the front page (which isn’t exactly new news anymore anyway). And the layout? No layout to speak of, actually. What was done when I wasn’t looking was that they just cut and pasted huge chunks of text and called it layout. Oh, whatever.

I need to clear my mind. What am I going to do about the next issue? How am I going to hand over Tribune when I am feeling so doubtful about the level of commitment of my committee? I think I’m a freaking lousy editor.


  1. Hey hey daphne!
    Bizzarro!! I did a google on “pictures wisma atria in the past” for a social studies module… and i find your blog! how are you?? never see ya in school this month.. hha so i’m pretty surprised to chance upon your blog on the world wide web. nice blog.. very zen.
    btw your presence in school is missed. gimme a buzz or mail sometime ya.. well then tata seeya soon!!

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