Posted by: incywincy | January 12, 2006

Uni Pageant 06

Mimi was great! I don’t care if I’m biased but I thought that Mimi should have won all the subsidiary awards. Haha! And be crowned the winner.

But well, she didn’t do too shabbily! She came in 1st runner up, and was awarded Miss Stylish. Not bad, huh? But I thought Miss Sassy is just so meant for her too! Oh well. 🙂

Girl, I’m sooo proud of you. Love you many many! (Pics soon!)

– – – – –

Work was alright today. Basically it’s quite a slack job, though we have to try to get as many applications as possible. It’s really mad, the target that OCBC sets for us. 800 applications in a day! Today we managed to get about 100 and I thought it was fantastic already. Well, anyway, I’m working there again tomorrow, till 5pm. Production night starts at 6pm and will end by 8am hopefully, and then I will go straight to work at Republic Polytechnic from 10am on Saturday morning till 6pm in the evening. Yup, it’s a SingTel assignment. It’s 4 days, from Saturday to Tuesday. I tell you, I am so going to die on Saturday.


  1. Too bad couldn’t stay for the pageant….It was delayed way beyond my expectation!!!

  2. Yeah I know! I was getting impatient too. Anyway, it was because they had some technical faults lah. Always happens in NTU. -sigh-

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