Posted by: incywincy | January 10, 2006


Selamat Hari Raya Haji, you all!

It’s a glorious glorious day today, the sun is away again, but no matter, cos it’s a public holiday! You know what that means? That means that I don’t have to go to work today! Woo hoooo!

*down girl, down*

Yesterday evening I rushed back from work by cab to do U-Week! distribution. I must say, I’m proud of this publication because I did it single-handedly. Anyway, distribution was a breeze cos Jyh Huah and Glen were there. I’m glad that Glen and I went down to help because JH wouldn’t have been able to manage it alone.

After distribution, I rushed out to JP to meet Melly. We were looking for the shuttle bus to IMM and we sort of got lost, and started insisting on this way and that way. Well, we ended up walking one entire big round of the field next to the MRT. Haha. It was raining and we were laughing like lunatics.

When we reached IMM, we headed down to Crunchy Carrots for dinner. It’s something like Hans. Anyways, what’s it with these places? They simply can’t grasp the concept of using bigger plates for more food. Instead, they just pile the food on, and you can hardly cut your meat without having a french fry or two fall off your plate. Bah. Food was alright though.

Next stop: Daiso! I got some art materials there, and Mel bought some pouches for her cables and iPod nano and whatnot. I like Daiso! Some stuff are really quite cheap. Haha. I saw some stalls outside Daiso that were selling food, and some other knick-knacks. I saw these really really pretty crystal bracelets! I wanted to buy one but they were $28 each (before bargaining). Boo. 😦

After that we went to take pics with the Harry Potter thingie. I don’t know what it’s called, so just look at the pics!

Heh. And then we decided to take pics with Mel posing as the different characters. Took quite a few, but none was as hilarious or successful as this particular one!

Haha! I keep laughing when I look at this pic. Heh. After we left IMM, we went to JP’s 7-11 to buy junk and then came back to Hall (Melly’s staying over). Pored over the copy of U-Week! and Melly gave me some tips on layout and stuff. And taught me some pretty cool stuff about Photoshop. We ate cup noodles and watched America’s Next Top Model (season 5). The show is really really funny. Some of the things they say are so silly and Tyra Banks is so hot. Haha. I got so tired that I never finished watching it.

Oops. Haha. Tonight I have to re-watch Memoirs of a Geisha, because I need to write a review on it. A proper one.


  1. hmph.. how come i have no password?!?!?!?!

  2. oh right.. i didn’t check my email since i don’t know when.. wahahaha.. okok.. sorry sorry..

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