Posted by: incywincy | January 9, 2006

Rainy days

I’m at work now. Just had a quick lunch – I got Shannen to buy me a packet of bee hoon and then I picked at it abit, swallowed some, and chucked the rest. It’s still raining. It’s been raining almost non-stop for the last few days. How siannifying is that? I can’t go out cos I’m scared I’ll get splattered by mud. Haha.

The airconditioning is extremely cold today. I’m wearing my new yellow jacket! See?

I’m so healthy today. I ate a low fat aloevera yoghurt for breakfast, 1 Farley’s baby biscuit for mid-day snack, 1/3 box of beehoon and an apple for lunch. Haha. Eat in small amounts. Yup.

Melly may be staying over tonight! Yay. Hope she does so that we can hang out more and watch some stuff. Today is Desperate Housewives downloading day! Haha. I’m really addicted. I was quite upset when they had the sweeps in December, and they only played re-runs.

Everyone keeps asking me when is U-Week! gonna be out. I think alot of people are excited about it cos there are alot of events this week, and then there are pretty girls in the magazine! Pageant, you know. Haha. Okay, I must admit not all of them are pretty but the ones I like most are Mikeller, Regine, Linda and Lili. And of course, some of my friends want to see what I’ve been so damn busy with recently. Haha. *touched*

Anyways, U-Week! will be out this evening. I hope it looks good enough.

Next week I will be totally free, for about 2 weeks, before the nightmare starts all over for Feburary issue. But then it will be over pretty soon, and my stint in the Union and on NTU Tribune as Editor-in-Chief will come to a close as I hand over my duties to the current Managing Editor, Glen. Time just flies these days (cos I’m not in school and dreading every moment of my lessons) and soon I’ll be out of here and heading up north to KL and registering myself in a new school. I can’t wait to start studying again, honestly, now that I know for sure what I want.


  1. i like this. 🙂 eh i don’t get the password huh? hahaha. thick-faced. anyway, have a good public holiday. 🙂 and hope school’s going on fine.

  2. i like the way that everything is soooo organized in wordpress. hehe. password sent. heh. n eh maya i quit school already. see earlier post. 2nd one in this blog i think. haha.

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