Posted by: incywincy | January 9, 2006

Evening at Harbourfront

This evening was totally rocking. Though I hated the rain, and the food was not-so-good.

Melly and I braved the rainstorm and went to Harbourfront Mall! We took Bus 30 from Boon Lay and I didn’t mind the long bus ride cos I had good company. We are like two little kids with ADHD. I feel. We keep jumping from one topic to another, one activity to another. One minute we were talking, next minute we were listening to rockapella (which really rocks!) and some jazzy Bossa Nova-ish music, then we were laughing our heads off about something, then looking at cafes and pubs out of the windows. Haha. It was so fun hanging out like that.

We ate at Pastamania. Abit disappointing. But it didn’t bother me that much. Haha. I was just being happily crazy and crazily happy tonight. After dinner, we went to the relatively new Big electronics store. Melly wanted to look at cameras but their collection of cameras was pathetic. No Canon, no Nikon, no Sony, but alot of China-made brands.

I bought meself an iron for $8.90. Some rubbish brand, but I don’t mind cos I don’t need an expensive one. Hostelites go for everything cheap and good. I also bought a new yellow jacket from some Factory Outlet sale that they were having. I like the jacket! Shall wear it to work and take pics tomorrow! Anyways, some pics from today here:

Yucks, what happened to the colour of the photos?! I couldn’t save it on Photobucket – no idea why – so I used flickr. I hate flickr. So little space! Anyway, I like that pic of Melly in front of the sign that says BIG. Haha. I made her pose for it and she was like giving me the “why are you so lame” look. Haha! Damn funny, but thanks for being such a good sport, eh! 🙂

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