Posted by: incywincy | January 8, 2006

Work, spicy food, and geishas

Wow. An entire week has passed by again. It’s Sunday again. I’ve been working on Thursday and Friday, then I spent Friday night working on U-Week!, a magazine for Union Week. Finished it by 11am on Saturday, and then slept the entire day. Until Nadia called, and I had to go for this obligatory dinner. Spent today resting. So whew. I’m pooped, y’know?

Thursday was quite tiring, it being the first day of workand all. I woke up super early cos I was so paranoid about waking up late. And anyway, I was waiting for my sis Elaine to call me from Scotland (but she fell asleep before she did, hrmph). Met Trix at the MRT station before we headed down to Lavendar together. Basically my job here is data entry, and calling customers to update their profiles in the database.

After work, I headed down to Farrer Park to meet Qihui! I was quite excited that by 5pm I was quite fidgety already. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant. We had potato-stuffed chappati, cheese naan and some stewed cauliflower in spicy sauce. All yummy. But very spicy.

Then we shopped at Mustafa! I got lots of stuff. Too much. Bought hair conditioner, hair treatment lotion, my favourite Palmolive aromatherapy lavender shower gel, a curling iron (yay!) and some other stuff. Mostly necessities. Muahahahaha. I’m so happy. We walked around and talked a lot. I think I talk too much haha! I was quite tired, especially after a long day at work and very little sleep the previous night. But still, I was happy to see Qihui again.

Work on Friday was hellish. Spent a good part of Thursday night working on Union stuff. Then I fell asleep on my desk. And would have been late for work if Trix didn’t call me and woke me up! On Friday I wore jeans and a white tee to work. With Birks. I feel so sloppy. But it’s okay, everyone dresses casually here, and moreover, I’m just the temp. Haha. Yesterday I wore a denim mini and a blouse, with heels. That was almost overdressing. Haha.

Friday night I was awake all night doing the magazine. It was sooo bad. I finally finished at 11am. But I’m really proud of myself. I did the whole thing alone, plus when I submitted it to the printers, there was no problem with it at all. Hey, it’s a big achievement, considering it’s my first time doing layout, and all by myself too. When we do Tribune, there are always some minor glitches, and we’ll have to fix it and resend the pages to the printing company.

I wish I stayed in all Saturday to sleep, but I had to go for that dinner. I actually intended to curl up in bed and read – I even rejected Mel’s suggestion of going out, which would have been more fun than the dinner. Anyway, we had dinner at this restaurant at Tanjong Pagar called Laguna Sari. The food was good, though spicy. We had decent company – a group of guys from SLC and PESS – and then myself, Wani and Angela from TTC. Met Zaynab there. She’s in NIE now. Gosh, it’s been so long since I last saw her, and I didn’t even know she’s in NIE! Haha. Anyway, I didn’t spend a single cent on the dinner, so that’s good, right? It was all paid for by the club. Haha.

Roomie moved out last night. She got a single room in the new Hall 3. I miss her already! But then, if I had a single room in Hall 3 I would move too, so I totally understand.

I’ll be going to Harbourfront with Melly later. Yay!

I’m feeling abit like a couch potato today though. Woke up at 8am and finished reading another book. Then I chatted online abit, surfed abit, replied some emails, and watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Woo hoo.

Well. I thought the book was better. Though I thought the acting was fantastic. Gongli was fabulous. Zhang Ziyi too. Michelle Yeoh was abit stiff. And Ken Watanabe! Woo hoo!

I didn’t think much of the way the movie portrayed certain aspects of a geisha’s life. It was inaccurate – or at least, it wasn’t like this in the book. And how come the Chairman was made out to be some flirt and womanizer? But I still loved the characters. Anyway, I shan’t say more, for if I do, I’ll spoil it for those who are reading this blog. I cried during the movie. So touching. One silly thing though, towards the end of the movie, how did Sayuri get up to that mountain in her platformy clogs and kimono? Lol.


  1. Wow, you’ve watched Memoirs of a Geisha already!!! I’m definitely going to watch it next week, heard the movie’s not bad too.

  2. haha too bad ure on attachment, cos i’m writing a review on it for NTU Tribune.. but i suppose u can read it on e-tribune too 😉

  3. Hmm… I just watched it today and it just seemed like a 2vs2 girl catfight… Only with 1940s as the backdrop…

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