Posted by: incywincy | January 4, 2006

Trixy rocks!

Yay! I got a job! Thanks to darling Trixy. Muahahaha. I’m really very happy, though this job is only temporary. Actually, it’s better if it’s temporary, isn’t it? That gives me more flexibility in scheduling time for my other commitments.

Basically, Trix just called me up this morning, and asked me if I wanted a job, and so I jumped at it! Haha. I mean, how often do jobs come knocking at your door? I’m really sorry that I have to cancel lunch with Linda and Calyn though. We’ve been looking forward to it for some time. And have to postpone the afternoon outing with Qihui to dinner time too. That’s not too bad, at least I get to see her! It’s amazing how “fated” we are – I met her in KL! Of all places to meet, and we both live in Boon Lay too! But we never met at JP or the MRT or anything, so meeting in KL was really really amazing. Haha.

Actually I was in Sentosa this morning when Trix called. I got a job at Sentosa, but I realised that the pay is really really really damn lousy. They don’t even pay double for CNY! Though it’s a fun job, I guess. I’ll see if anything better comes along, cos I really don’t want the job, as it’s from 29 Jan to 5 Feb (over CNY, but low pay, how sucky is that?) but I have to admit that anything that gives me money is good for me. Haha.

I met this really cool kid named Azahar at the job briefing thing today. We ended up chatting and having lunch together at Harbourfront. Exchanged contacts and stuff. He’s only 17 though, fresh out of secondary school. It was fun to talk to him – he’s quite matured for his age (or am I immature for my age?)

When I got back to Boon Lay, I went on a fruits-buying spree. Haha. I bought nangka, apples and bananas. I know I can’t survive without fruits. I was so naughty; I finished all the nangka (about 6 pieces) already. And had two bananas. And one apple. I swear, I’m addicted to fruits.

Right now I’m job-hunting most of the time, and doing my Union work. It’s such a bother, this Union thing. I’m tearing my hair out most of the time cos I’m doing the layout of a magazine, and honestly, I suck at it. Can anyone help me? Bleah. Sucky yucky.

I’m having cramps now. It’s such a horrible feeling – guys really don’t know how lucky they are. Why do you think women are being punished in this way? Someone up there must have something against women, I think. Bleah. I spent the whole afternoon in bed, reading mostly. I love reading, and now that I’m free from all that school shit, I can afford to read all day! It’s wonderful, really.

For now, I guess I’d better make a move on cleaning my room up before Xiaoyun faints when she gets back. Haha. She’s still on her Professional Attachment, so she’s not back yet since the hols started. But she’ll be back this Friday to pack up her stuff – she’ll be moving out so I’ll have a new roomie again. *sighs* I’m really gonna miss her.

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