Posted by: incywincy | January 1, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

It’s 11:30pm and I’m writing this post in KL, feeling slightly melancholic as I sit alone here, waiting for the fireworks to go off, ushering in the New Year. I can’t really remember much of what has happened in the past year, let alone what I did the last New Year’s Eve. So back to the archives it’ll be!

Oh, yeah. Last New Year’s Eve was spent in Cameron Highlands with my family! Haha! Well, that clears up one mystery.

In the past year, I’ve been through a lot, and have done a lot of stupid things, and also achieved some really great things. Here’s a recap of my 2005:

January: Played my last round of IHRG Scrabble with Hall 10 Scrabble team (Mark, Reng, Ni, Simin – still miss them a lot when I play nowadays), I quit JCRC (what a triumph for me to walk out on them!), bought my first batch of stuff online from A&F, I got an invitation to move over to Hall 7, got to know a bunch of wonderful people from NIE through ISRG Scrabble. Still deluded by the ‘love’ I had. Though it was showing signs of going downhill already.

February: Played my first ever chess game (and was defeated in 2 minutes). Saw Maia Lee at Impresario! Had my first pedicure. Lost 10 bucks playing mahjong during CNY. Was still deluded by my relationship. It was bad bad bad and going downhill, and then suddenly I had a ‘perfect V-day’ and I thought it was all good again. Got my first kiss from Regan. Aww. It was slobbery and wet, btw. Agreed to join UOC 2005 with Yanto. Celebrated my Blogspot blog’s first birthday. I became a vegetarian and stuck with it for erm, awhile.

March: I got my first-ever A for Stats, in a major test. I moved over to Hall 7 double room but ended up getting a single deluxe, started teaching Alvin, spent my birthday at home with my then-boyfriend. Celebrated my birthday belatedly with my S01 classmates too, and they gave me a watch, which I’ve never parted with since! Made another friend in Hall 7 (Sunny the chameleon whom I said Boo! to everyday on my way to school) in addition to the one friend I had, Dickson.

April: Fell off my bike as a packed 179 zoomed past. Discovered 20Q (try it!) Had a brief ‘affair’ cos my relationship was going down the drain. Finally mustered the courage to leave a relationship that was destroying me. Someone clicked on my blog 1514 times in one day!

May: Got over whatever remnants of the relationship that I had left in me. Fell in love with The Boy but I didn’t know it then (some secret bf that I had). Made t-shirts with Melly for hi-5! Met Priscilla for the first time. Feels like I’ve known her for a much longer time, though. Started working at West Mall Hello Shop and did it for 3 months.

June: Elaine got into Dundee! Started dating The Boy secretly. Haha. Spent Rach’s 19th birthday with her at Orchard! Worked for Serangoon Broadway. UOC seniors’ camp.

July: First Mustafa trip! UOC 2005 where I met some of my closest friends now. Moved to Hall 4. Stacey saw me through one of the most horrifying period of my life. Got to know Xiaoyun, my wonderful roomie (who is sadly, moving out next week)

August: Broke up with The Boy cos we decided that things just aren’t gonna work out. Decided to run for NTUSU cos my life was too boring and depressing. 32 out of 32 people gave me the green light to be Publication Officer. My life was taken over by Tribune.

September: Got a new HP number. Bought a new laptop. Finished my first ever issue of Tribune. Yay! And managed to do a Special Issue too. Wow! NTUSU 15th Exco Investiture.

October: Beginning of another ‘affair’ that lasted a month but ended cos I felt too guilty. Bad karma thing. SU and TTC photoshoot. Quarreled big-time with XY and Elise. Tribune October issue. Yay! SU photoshoot pics out and I really liked them! This isn’t a milestone in my life, but bah, who cares?

November: 3 exams in 3 days! Nearly died. “Watched” The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Began training with Hall 4 Scrabble team after the exams. Ended the ‘affair’ unscathed (for me, at least)

December: Started spending alot of time at home. Was home alone for so many days! Started my reading marathon. Finished 23 books in one month. Made a very important decision (more on this soon when I’m ready) which will change my life forever! And I finally am making a move to WordPress! Yay!

So there you go, Daphne’s 2005 in retrospect.

Memorable quotes of the year (from my blog only):

Daphne: We’ve known each other for 2 years. Wow, that’s a pretty long time.
Rachel: You’re getting old!
Daphne: Shut up. I’m in denial; I’m 19.
Rachel: 19++. It’s like those menu prices. You never know how much those additions sum up to. Haha, Daph, the GST is catching up on you!
Rachel: You’re a GST good, pretending to be a duty-free one!

On Get Real, Mediacorp Channel 5, on ‘celebrity weddings’:
Diana Ser: So, whose celebrity wedding do you think is over-rated?
Man in white: *looks weirdly at Diana* Umm, I guess it’s yours right?

A: I think my game spoil. 😦
P: Why? What happened?
A: It keeps saying I lose.

Choon Leng:
“If we hear, we forget; if we see, we remember; if we do, we understand. If we delete MSN, we concentrate.”

From a radio blog: “Parental guidance advised. Choose your parents wisely…”
Dewi: “If I ruled the world, we could get money from an ATM just by LOOKING at it. And the money wouldn’t even come from our own account. It would be FREE from the bank because we’re so cute.”

The fireworks went off at midnight, greeting the new year with a big bang (literally). I got shocked, but as I was typing away in front of the window, I looked up and was greeted by the most beautiful sight. Fireworks at two locations! Luckily, this place is high enough for me to see both. 🙂

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